Master of School Mathematics

Iowa State University’s Master of School Mathematics (MSM) is designed for current secondary mathematics teachers. The degree program is built on three objectives:

  • Enhance the teacher’s knowledge of algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics and discrete mathematics
  • Provide effective strategies for creating a student-centered classroom emphasizing problem solving
  • Use of computing technology in learning and teaching mathematics

The course work totals 32 semester credits.

Completion of a MSM program will fulfill the ‘master’s degree in an area of endorsements’ requirement listed under the certification rules for a professional teacher’s certificate.

For questions about the program, contact Director of Graduate Education for School Mathematics:
Alejandro Andreotti

For questions about applications, registration, forms and paperwork, contact:

Melanie Erickson

MSM Faculty

Alejandro Andreotti
Clifford Bergman
Heather Bolles
Amy Froelich
Leslie Hogben
Elgin Johnston
Elijah Stines