MSM Graduates and Creative Components

Graduates of the MSM Program

Many teachers have effectively completed our program and have advanced their  teaching in secondary schools and community colleges. Others have  proceeded to accomplish other great feats including completing a Ph.D. in  education, publishing in Mathematics Teacher and one being awarded the  Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. The  creative components of our more recent graduates are available for your viewing  by selecting the highlighted titles.

Some graduates have agreed to answer your questions about the MSM program  including how the program helped to advance their mathematical understanding and  their teaching of mathematics. See below for more information.

Name Major Professor Year Creative Component Title
Aalbers, Daniel Tondra 2002 Learning Mathematics with the Aid of Journaling
Allmann, Melissa Hentzel 2012 Graph theory applications for the classroom
Ash-Mott, Carrie 1989
Asplund, Katie Bolles,& Hentzel 2009  

Pascal’s triangle patterns and extensions

Atherton, Rebecca Hogben 2005  

A Look at Markov Chains and Their Use in Google

(Bailey) Hall, Pauline Mathews 1990 Interpolation Using Mathematica
Batton, Lyle Keller 1998 What are the Characteristics of Mathematical Modeling Activities that
Excite Students?
Benton, John Tondra 1997 Fundamentals of Hyperbolic Geometry
Betterton, Joel Sharp 1998 Improving Student’s Understanding of Vectors Using Laboratory Activities
Borich, Vickie Sharp 2002 How Does a Philosophy of Mathematics Impact the Christian Educator?
Bratcher, Doris Ashlock 2001 Improving Instruction on the Metric System
Brill, Brooke Thompson & Hentzel 2004 Discrete, Geometry, and Calculus: Oh My, What Can We Learn!
Brincks, Laura Thompson & Johnston 2005 Fractals and Chaos
Brooks, Richard Thompson & Hentzel 2004 Multiple-Choice v. Constructed Response Questions in High School
Brunner, Judy Mathews 1993 Career Unit for General Mathematics
Campbell, Ben Hentzel 2012 Helping students discover the fundamental theorem of calculus
Carey, Joseph Tondra 1992 Is There a Relationship Between High School Class Size and a
Students’ Math Placement Exam Score at ISU?
Christensen, Scott Sharp 2002 Making the Connection between Quadratics and Real World Applications
Conn, Joel Bolles & Hentzel 2009 The Simplex Lock Problem: A Real-World Investigation Using Mathematics
Cox, Rhonda Sharp 2001 A Unit to Improve the Ability of Students to Write and Understand
Cross, Karen Keller 1996 Integrating Graphing Calculators with Algebra
Cuttell, Terri Tondra 2002 Distance Education Programs and High School Students
Daniels, Randy Mathews 1991 A Comparison of Ankeny High School AP and non-AP Students
Day Hartzler, Julie Rudolph 1994 Middle Level Projects: Maximize and Energize Math Potential in Students
Doolittle, Cheryl Tondra 1998 Problem Solving and Higher Order Thinking Skills
Donald, Christi Thompson & Johnston 2005 Hyperbolic Geometry in the High School Geometry Classroom
Dengler, Robert Froelich 2009 Research Based Decision Making in a Community College Setting
Dose, James Rudolph 1991 How students learn mathematics
Edgerly, Jordan Johnston 2012 The mathematics of games
Eekhoff, Eric Thompson & Hentzel 2007 Constructibility of Regular
Ehr, Diane Thompson & Hentzel 2006 Voting Methods: Another Way to Choose
Escobar, Manuel Sharp & Keller 1996 Analysis of the Common Mistakes that Students Make When Dealing
with Algebra
Eveland, Joyce Thompson & Hentzel 2006 Theoretical and Experimental
Algorithms concerning the Dimensions of Fractals in the Secondary
Fagan, Patsy 1991 Using Lotus 1-2-3 in Solving Linear Systems and Linear Programs
(Fanous) Wineland, Sylvia Hentzel & Bolles 2012 The Morley Triangle and beyond
Farrell, Alyssa Thompson & Hentzel 2006 Recursive Patterns and
Felt, Natalie Sharp 2001 Mozart in the Classroom
Firch, Dion Sharp 2002 An Experiment with Teaching Through Problem Solving
Fraser, Susan Rudolph 1995 The Effects of Frequent Quizzing on Chapter Test Scores of High
School Geometry Students
Funke, Michele Hogben 2002 A Mathematical Critique of Paulos’ Innumeracy
Garbe, Scott Mathews 1992 Use of BASIC Computer Programs in Discrete Mathematics
Gilpin, Christina Hentzel 2010 Mathematics of voting and arrow’s theorem
Grebasch, Laura Tondra 2003
Hannasch, Becky Rudolph 1991 Graphing Calculator
Harwood, Kristine Bolles & Hentzel 2009 Bezier Curves
Hawes, Jennifer Bolles & Hentzel 2010 Projective geometry
Hendel, Marc Johnston 1993 Writing in the Mathematics Classroom: A Rationale and a Guide
Heston, Matt Froelich 2009 An Analysis of APBA Baseball
Hill, Troy Tondra 2002 Real World Mathematics Problems
Homan- Groathouse, Stephanie Sharp 1997 Writing in the Math Classroom
Huisinga, Maureen Sharp, 2001 Analysis of Achievement Level Test in the Baxter School District
Jaeschke, Sharon Kann Colwell 1990 Using Geometric Transformations and Finding Hidden Lines in Computer-Drawn Polyhedra
Janssen, Christina Thompson & Hentzel 2007 Taxicab Geometry: Not the
Shortest Ride Across Town; Exploring Conic Sections with a Non-Euclidean
Johnson, Jana Tondra. 1995 Number Theory
Johnson, Susan Rudolph 1997 The Internet: An Empowering Tool in the Mathematics Classroom
Jurgensen, Mark Tondra 2002 A Geometry Unit of Construction Using a TI92
Kadow, Eileen Tondra 1991 Teaching College Algebra with Computer Lab Units
Kaspar, Cathy Bolles & Hentzel 2009 Using Bezier curves for geometric transformations
Kastler, Jessica Johnston 2010 Explorations of taxicab geometry
Kern, Cara Froelich 2010 Activities and resources for advanced placement statistics classroom
Koops, Michelle Sharp 2002 Teaching Conceptual Knowledge of Fractions in the Remedial School
Kouba, Evonne Colwell 1992 Using Microcomputer to Illustrate Tessellation
Kuiken, Linda Tondra 1995 A Set of Proofs About Isometries in the Euclidean Plane
Lamb, Colby Kessler Mathews 1990 Trigonometry Inverse Functions
Lamphier, Lesley Hogben 2004 Geometric Constructions
Larson, Paula Colwell 1990 Some Geometrics Aspects of Linear Fractional Transformations
Linn, Dennis Colwell 1989 Solution and Simulation of the Lotka-Voleterra Predator-Prey Problem
Lorntson, Tom Rudolph 1990 Incorporating a Graphics Calculator in a High School Mathematics Class
Luscombe, Clint Ashlock 2000 The Natural, not Magical e
Luttenegger, Greg Colwell 1995 Using Algebra Tiles to Develop Conceptual and Procedural Understanding of
Polynomial Operations
Lyddon Hatten, Lana Johnston 2008 Journey in the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics by Incorporating Technology
McCann, Brandea Hentzel 2010 Irrational roots: The historical computations of square roots, e and Pi
Mason, Karen Froelich 2013 Reading and mathematics ITED Scores: Are they related?
Meyer Carlson, Melissa Froelich 2013 Statistical applications of auto insurance
Moeller, Jill Hentzel 2003 Fractions and the Transference to Rational Expressions
Muenzenmay, Alan Sharp 1997 Fractal Geometry: Can Its Implementation Assist in Motivating and
Enhancing the High School Classroom?
Munetsi, Cribert Mathews 1992 The Traveling Salesman Problem
Nataro, S. Leigh Johnston 1996 An Introduction to Programming Through the TI82 Graphics Calculator
Noblett, Ann Gray Kendall Colwell 1987 A Comparison of Circular and Hyperbolic Trigonometry
Nunn, Curtis Tondra 1998 Implementation of Student Projects in a High School Geometry Classroom
O’Loughlin, Karen Mathews 1992 Improving Success in Calculus, a Project to Prepare Students for
Careers in Engineering, Physics, and Mathematical Sciences
Parker, Jennifer Hogben 2006 Distance Geometry
Paulson, Adam Hentzel 2012 Vertex-edge graphs: concepts and including them in high school geometry. . .
Pedersen, James Mathews 1991 The Effects of the Texas Instrument TI-81 Graphing Calculator on
Performance in a High School Precal . . .
Pedersen, Keith Rudolph 1993 Art in Mathematics
Petersen, John Sharp 1999 NA
Peterson, Marsha Keller 1996 It’s Never Too Late for Change: Reflections on Updating Instruction
Petrak, Dan Sharp 2000 Block Scheduling: A Look at Student Retention and Teacher ???
Polley, Michael Rudolph 1994 Geometry: A Lab Approach
Poole, Steven Tondra 1999 Technology Lessons for Mathematics
Poudel, Deanna Tondra 1995 Projects for Integrated Math Analysis and Physics Courses
Pruitt, Bettie Degryse Colwell 1989 Graphical Comparison of Random Number Generators
Reece, Brian Thompson & Hentzel 2006 Estimating Pi through Monte
Carlo Methods in n-Dimensions
Reedy, Heather Sharp 2000 Developing Meaningful Relationships with Students to Enhance
Behavioral (or Academic) Change: A Study in Trust Psychology
Roberts, Deb Tondra. 2003 Problem-Solving Strategies in the Applied Mathematics Classroom
Robertson, Michele Tondra 2003 Teaching Styles and Learning Styles in a Mathematics Classroom
SarasioMeyer, Daniel Hogben 2008 Steganography and SVD
Scheideman, Bradley Tondra 1997 The mathematics of paper folding: An investigation of flat-foldable crease patterns
Schmidt, Shelby Hentzel 2012 NA
Schouten, Bob Mathews 1988 Matrices and Vectors: High School Teaching Units
Schulte, Matt Tondra 1996 Aligning the Pella High School mathematics curriculum with the
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics curriculum and valuation
Seeger, Linda Tondra 1996 Applications and Extensions: Integrating Business and Science into the
Math Curriculum
Seversen, Mara Bolles & Hentzel 2010 Conic sections and the maximum metric
Sieren, Angela Sharp 2000 A Computer-Based Learning Option for At-Risk Students
Sills, Nancy Tondra 1994 Implementation of a Two to Six Week Unit of Probability and Statistics in
Various High School Courses
Smith, Randall Mathews 1992 Iowa Pilot Early Mathematics Prognostic Testing Project
Staack, Jerrod Keller 1996 The Use of Portfolios in Geometry
Stuckwisch, Kevin Hentzel 2004 Fundamental Calculus: A Reform Alternative
Swan, Pam Ryerson Mathews 1990 Discovery Learning with Geometric Supposer
Swenson, Virginia Martin Rudolph 1988 Comparison of Saxon’s Incremental Development and Dociani’s
Traditional Methods of Teaching
Taylor, Eugene Colwell 1989 Solution and Iteration Surfaces for Kepler’s Equation
Testroet, Teresa Rudoph 1999 Writing Effectiveness Assessments when Graphic Calculators are
Used: Testing Conceptual Knowledge
Theisen, Vicky Mathews 1992 Teaching Pre-algebra to All 8th Grade General Math Level Students
Thompson, Karen Mathews 1993 Implementation of Improving Success in Calculus
Trulin, Kimberlee Tondra 2000 What is Mathematics and Importance in Society?
Turnis, Shirley Tondra 2000 Math Assessment Placement at Northeastern Iowa Community College
Tvrdik, Deb Frohling Mathews 1988 A Mumath Program: Solving Polynomial Relations by Synthetic Division
Walstrom, Courtney Froelich 2008 Beta: A Statistical Analysis of a Stock’s volatility
Whiteman, Korie Hentzel 2013
Whitson, Joan Tondra 2004
Wiemers, Elli Tondra 1995 Interviews as Assessment in Euclidean Geometry
Williams, Roosevelt Mathews 1994 Study Guides for Algebra Students
Wilson, Erin Bolles & Hentzel 2011 Investigating the golden ratio
Wolcott, Virginia Mathews 1991 The Effects of Mathematics Achievement of Having Answers to
Homework Assignments
Woods, Nancy Rudolph 1992 Learning Packages for Math Elementary Educators Students
Zeimat Hallgren, Trudy Tondra 1996 Discovering Geometry: A Constructivist Approach to Teaching Geometry


The MSM graduates/current students listed below have
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