About Math/Stats Learning Community

Majors eligible to join

Students who have declared mathematics or statistics as their primary or secondary major are eligible to participate. LAS open option students are also eligible, as are other Math/Stat majors who may be enrolling in the MSLC grid classes.



MSLC members will work to build community by taking classes together, forming study partnerships, and getting to know one another via social activities.

Additionally, this learning community will provide supplementary activities outside class aimed at easing the transition to campus, exploring campus resources, investigating major-related organizations, interacting with university faculty and staff members as well as opportunities to meet professionals visiting from other mathematics and statistics institutions and organizations.

As the group matures, students may further develop their professional skills by organizing events for their peers to attend and/or by engaging in service projects.

Members will experience educational, professional, service related and social benefits.

Living options


Signing up

To participate in the MSLC, please contact: