Spring 2015 Mathematics Course Home Pages

As part of our effort to make multi-section courses as uniform as is practical, one global web page containing syllabus, learning outcomes, and other information that should be uniform between sections of the same class are posted here:

Syllabus and Core Objectives

In addition to the global pages shown above, individual sections or courses may also use Blackboard.

Pages for individual courses or sections not using Blackboard (or in addition to Blackboard) are listed below:

  • Math 105: Introduction to Mathematical Ideas, P. Tokorcheck
  • Math 145X: Applied Trigonometry, P. Tokorcheck
  • Math 165: Calculus I, P. Tokorcheck
  • Math 165: Calculus I (Section 8, 26), C. Roettger
  • Math 201A: Introduction to Proofs, J. Smith
  • Math 201B: Introduction to Proofs, B. Lidicky
  • Math 301B: Abstract Algebra, I. Hentzel
  • Math 314: Graphs and Networks, M. Young
  • Math 317: Linear Algebra, S. Hansen
  • Math 365: Complex Variables with Applications, S. Willson
  • Math 481: Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, J. Rossmanith
  • Math 505: Abstract Algebra II, J. Smith
  • Math 516: Real Analysis II, P. Sacks
  • Math 517: Finite Difference Methods, J. Rossmanith
  • Math 565: Continuous Optimization, F. Keinert
  • Math 610: Early Graduate Research, M. Young
  • Math 645: Advanced Stochastic Processes, A. Roitershtein