Clifford Bergman

Professor Emeritus



Area of expertise: Algebra, Logic


Clifford Bergman is an algebraist with an interest in algorithmic aspects of computer science. In 1997 he developed a graduate-level course in cryptography that has proved to be very popular. This course tries to balance the theoretical underpinnings of cryptography (number theory and combinatorics) with the practical aspects of what can be computed and what can't. Bergman is a member of both the Department of Computer Science and the Information Assurance Center at Iowa State. The Center has been designated a "center of excellence in information assurance education" by the National Security Agency. Bergman is currently engaged in research in cryptography and steganography. He has a B.S. from Brown University (1975) and a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.


Ph.D. UC-Berkeley 1982