Irvin Hentzel

Professor Emeritus


Office:396 Carver
411 Morrill Rd.
Ames IA


Irvin Hentzel's main interest is computer algorithms in algebra. His work involves extensive programming as well as the underlying theory. His research involves genetic algorithms, number theory, game theory, combinatorics, and representation theory. His goal in the MSM program is to provide the participants with new techniques and skills. He provides interesting, concrete, and non-trivial example problems that the teachers may use in their own classrooms. He believes that the world is full of everyday applications of the material that he is teaching. If he can bring the student to relate the classroom topics to things they themselves have experienced, then they will learn it. The fundamental ideas can often be said very concisely and eloquently. Yet, the only way that a student can absorb an abstract idea is by first looking for an application of the idea in the realm of the student's own experiences.


Ph.D. Iowa 1968