Conference Room (390) Scheduling

Math Conference Room (Carver 390) may be used for the following events (in priority order):.

  • Committee Meetings (such as Undergrad, Grad, Advisory, Search, P&T, etc.)
  • ISU administration visits (Provost/Dean)
  • Advisory Board meetings
  • Alumni and/or donor (or potential donor) visits
  • Final defenses and Preliminary exams
  • Disability Exams
  • Administrative staff meetings
  • Mathematics Graduate Student Council
  • Recruiting students, faculty and/or staff

All events held in 390 Carver must be scheduled through the Math Office, Please email and be sure that you receive a confirmation email before you assume that it has been reserved. If this room is not available, the office staff will try to find you another room or contact you about a time change.

The following should be scheduled in a classroom or in the Math Seminar Room (401).

If a classroom or the Math Seminar Room cannot be found, and it is less than one week prior to the event, you may request the conference room. Please understand that your reservation may be cancelled if need arises relating to one of the uses listed above.

  • Faculty/Student Research Meetings
  • Course Staff Meetings
  • Grading Sessions