Seminar Room (401) Scheduling

Math Seminar Room (Carver 401) may be used  for the following events (in priority order):

  • Final defenses and Preliminary exams
  • Seminars
  • Faculty/Student Research Meetings
  • Course Staff Meetings
  • Grad Student Meetings (EDGE, Co-EDGE, SIAM, MGSO)
  • Recruiting students, faculty and/or staff
  • Group SAAR Exams (midterms, finals, evenings)
  • Grading Sessions

All events held in Carver 401 must be scheduled through the Math Office.  Please email with your request and make sure you receive a confirmation email before assuming that the reservation has been made.  If the Seminar Room is not available, Math Office Personnel will try to find a classroom for the event.

The following need to be scheduled in a classroom:

  • Regularly-scheduled classes (580, 590, 591/592, 610)
  • Makeup classes (unless classrooms unavailable)