Fall 2013 Mathematics Course Home Pages

Some mathematics courses have homepages, which allow students to get the syllabus, keep up with the course calendar, and check on assignments. This is a list of some of the homepages for classes being taught this semester. Such courses include:



  • Math 10 A1, B1, C1: High School Algebra, Chris Schultz
  • Math 10 A2, D2: High School Algebra, Crystal Peoples
  • Math 10 A3, B3, C3: High School Algebra, James Cliber
  • Math 10 B2, C2: High School Algebra, Man Basnet
  • Math 10 D1: High School Algebra, Diana Hay
  • Math195 A: Math for Elementary Education, Catherine Kaspar
  • Math195 B, J:: Math for Elementary Education, Gail Johnston
  • Math195 C, D: Math for Elementary Education, Jean Krusi
  • Math195 E, F: Math for Elementary Education, Brenda Diesslin
  • Math196 A, C: Math for Elementary Education II, Catherine Kaspar
  • Math196 B: Math for Elementary Education II, Gail Johnston
  • Math196 D: Math for Elementary Education II, Brenda Diesslin
  • Math 201 A: Introduction to Proofs, Sung Yell Song
  • Math 201 B: Introduction to Proofs, Jonathan DH Smith
  • Math 201 C: Introduction to Proofs, Roger Aexander
  • Math 591 Orientation to Mathematics GS I, Justin Peters
  • Math 617 Category Theory, Tathagata Basak