Master Thesis 1923-1949

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1923Wasser, MyraThe projection of certain surfaces upon a plane with an introduction to geographical mappingMcKelvey
1923Wolfe, AlbertaOscillations in earth temperatures due to periodic changes in the temperaturesSmith
1925Agnew, RalphOn the form of the solid or revolution of minimum resistance when the normal varies as the nth power (n>0) of the normal velocityTurner
1925Harris, WilliamEvaluation of definite integrals by means of residuesColpitts
1926Atanasoff, John Dynamics of a certain molecule with spherical symmetryAllen
1926Gunder, DwightElementary divisors and their applicationsRobinson
1929Anderson, ErnestA torsion problem in curvilinear coordinatesHoll
1930Higdon, ArchieA lemniscates potential boundary value problemHoll
1931Cox, GertrudeA statistical investigation into teachers abilities as indicated by the success of his students in subsequent coursesHinrichsenMcKelvey
1931Cram, EllisThe solution of certain differential equations by definite integralsRoitershtein
1932Stagner, MargueriteCertain aspects of the trisection problemDaniells
1936Legvold, SamEffects of mountains and depressions of various shapes upon the plumb lineHinrichsen
1936Watson, EarlSolution of rectangular plates supported at two clamped edgesHoll
1937Rock, DonaldA characteristic value problem on the stability of rectangular platesHoll
1938Thorne, CharlesFunctional approximation methods for the solution of linear differential equations as applied to thin platesAtanasoff
1939Tripp, RalphDeflection of certain types of thin skew platesHoll
1941Billman, ElmerHankel's integral theorem and applications Hinrichsen
1941Engelbrecht, AlfredCircular plates with large deflectionsHoll
1945Langenshop, CarlAnalytic functions of matricesThielman
1947Benson, DeanGeometrical study of certain equipotential curvesHinrichsen
1947Stanley, George Jr.Theory and applications of infinite determinantsVinograde
1948Gregory, RobertA theory due to H.A Schwarz and applicationsHinrichsen
1948Payne, LawrenceStatic wheel loads on airplane landing slabsHoll
1949Conrad, KarlStress distribution due to hydrostatic pressure on a parabolic plateHoll