Master Thesis 1950-1959

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1950Chappell, WilliamBiharmonic problems satisfying Navier's boundary conditionsLangenhop
1950Hunzeker, HubertCenters of forces of attraction for certain geometrical bodiesThielman
1950Johnson, GordonConduction of heat through composite wallsGaskill
1950Klein, WilliamThe method of characteristics for one-dimensional flow with heat additionFooteHoll
1950Mills, HarlanConstant rank matricesVinograde
1950Royer, Ruth LaVernePartial symmetry of linear transformationVinograde
1951Brandt, AlbertThe use of matrix notation for transfer functions of physical systemsGaskill
1951Stoner, WilliamRouche's theorem and applicationsHinrichsen
1952Klippenstein, DonaldNormal families of functionHinrichsen
1953Johnson, RichardLoxodromic transformations of the complex planeHinrichsen
1954Goering, OrvilleGeneral solutions of a certain hyperbolic partial differential equationMaple
1954Unke, WillisFunctions with natural boundariesHinrichsen
1955Beck, StephenStructural stability of rectangular platesWeiss
1955Belscamper, RobertSingular integral equations of a type occurring in seismologyThielman
1955Cleary, RichardApplication of Legendre transforms to some boundary value problems Maple
1955Grosch, CharlesReaction of smooth curves and surfaces in the dynamics of a particleLangenhop
1955McHaffey, RonaldDecomposition of scalar extensionsVinograde
1955Poorman, AlanA linear diffusion problemMaple
1955Schmidt, DonaldGeneralized Abel's integral equationThielman
1956Kodres, UnoExamples in point set topologyMaddux
1956Krehbel, JesseSolutions of quasi-linear hyperbolic partial differential equationsThielman
1957Goodwin, JamesA least squares approximation Hinrichsen
1957Matthews, JeroldIrrational canonical matricesVinograde
1957Trafton, ClarkAn extension of Hensel's lemmar to topological modulesVinpgrade
1958Bray, HenryFunctional equations of the Cauchy TypeThielman
1958Brink, Nellie JeanEquations of plane geometrical curves in a conjugate coordinate systemsMaple
1958Deckert, KennethThe Laplace transform and convolutionMaple
1958Fink, ArlingtonDependence relations and differential field extensionsLindstrom
1958James, DonaldParametric representations of simply connected closed surfacesSeifert
1958Melton, GeorgeSource and solution of eigenvalue problemsMaple
1958Miller, JohnMaxima of functionsThielman
1958Robinson, ThomasRiemann integration on subspaces of the real lineSanderson
1959Anderson, RonaldFinite integral transformsMaple
1959Andrew, DavidHierarchies and equivalences of topological propertiesSanderson
1959Sutherland, WilliamIntegral transforms and the potential equationWeiss
1959Wagner, Michael WilliamOn periodic solutions of the differential equation Σan Y =f where f is periodicLangenhop
1959Zechmann, AlbertTorsion problems for anisotropic mediaWeiss