Master Thesis 1960-1969

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1960Bunn, JoeTwo-dimensional flow through porous mediaHinrichsen
1960Dean, LuraNonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation with small parameterMaple
1960Fink, ArlingtonAlmost periodic points in topological transformation semi-groupsLangenshop
1960Goering, OrvilleDependence of the solution of a Goursat problem on the characteristic dataMaple
1961James, DonaldPeriodic integral surfaces for periodic systems of differential equations Seifert
1961Lambert, HowardCompactness and product spacesSanderson
1961Mundt, MarvinSufficient conditions for a summability method for improper Lebesgue-Stieltjes integrals involving an integral-to-function transformation to be regularWright
1961Zechmann, AlbertProblems in viscoelasticityWeiss
1962Anderson, RonaldSolutions of mixed type partial differential equationsMaple
1962Brey, HenryEmbedding subfields of quasi-local rings in residue fieldsThielman
1962Crane, RogerStability and local accuracy of numerical methods for ordinary differential equationsLambert
1962Hildebrand, ShelbyConnectivity functionsSanderson
1962Hocking, RonaldMathematical programming in statistical estimation theoryMapleHartley
1962Jamison, William Jr. On the solution of certain boundary value problems of heat conductionMaple
1962Jones, Douglas R.E,Linear measure and opaque setsSanderson
1962Link, DavidWeather probabilities affecting machine system capabilitiesMapleBockhop
1962Schmidt, DonaldEssential fixed pointsSanderson
1962Sims, BenjaminSome properties and generalizations of semi-metric spaceSanderson
1963Byrne, GeorgePseudo-runge-Kutta methods involving two points Lambert
1963Deckert, KennethSolutions for nonlinear diffusion equations with integral type boundary conditionsMaple
1963Hemmerle, WilliamThe logical structure of analysis of variance and its implementation on digital computersMapleHartley
1963Mordeson, John N.Coefficient integral domains in commutative algebrasVinograde
1963Muller, ElsiGenerating sets for uncleft algebrasVinograde
1963Muth, WayneEffect of pressure on the flammable limits of some hydocarbon-air mixtureBlackMaple
1963Robinson, ThomasMappings with small point-inversesSanderson
1963Sanderson, DonovanGalois completely primary ringsVinograde
1963Walling, DeraldNumerical methods of non-linear least square curve fittingLambert
1964Bueker, RobertExistence of almost periodic solutions of functional-differential equationsSeifert
1964Graber, LelandSome stability properties of linear operator equationsHomer
1964Lomen, DavidFinite deformation of elastic membranes with application to the stability of inflated sphereWeiss
1964Peterson, LeonardStability of solutions of non-linear diffusion problemsMaple
1964Rogge, ThomasNonlinear sloshingWeiss
1964Secrest, BruceThe propagation and growth of discontinuities in magnetogas-dynamics in the presence of finite conductivityWeiss
1964Waltman, WilliamTridiagonalization of an arbitrary square matrixLambert
1965Anderson, Gary LytleBaffling of fluid sloshing in cylindrical tanksWeiss
1965Boessenroth, TheodoreOn convergence-preserving integral transformationsWright
1965Jensen, JenLinear operator methods for ordinary differential equations which minimize truncation and propagated errorsLambert
1965Kemper, GeneSome results in delay-differential systemsSeifert
1965Rue, JamesSome stability properties of linear operator in Banach spacesHomer
1965Rutter, EdgarCharacterizations of quasi-Frobenius ringsT. Head
1966Bender, PhillipSome conditions for the existence of recurrent solutions to systems of ordinary differential equationsSeifert
1966Delaney, JamesMeet representations in upper continuous modular latticesLambert
1966Ecker, EdwinOn the embedding of a centerless group in its automorphism groupVinograde
1966Guenther, RaymondEndomorphic composites in the tensor productVinograde
1966Mahrous, MohamedMagnetohydrodynamic entrance region problem with heat transferWadhwa
1966Smith, KeithResults on the Lane integralWright
1966Tobey, MalcolmGeneralized mean valuesCarlsonSanderson
1966Wagner, WilliamOn increment modification in finite difference methods for solving ordinary differential equationsLambert
1966Washenberger, JamesPerturbation classes of operators on a linear topological spaceHomer
1967Irudayanaathan, AnthonyNear topology and nearly continuous functionsSanderson
1967Kopecky, KennethNonlinear sloshing in elliptical tanksWeiss
1967Riess, RonaldPower series eigenvalue analysisLambert
1967Simpson, DavidA numerical method of characteristics for solving hyperbolic partial differential equationsLambert
1967Zill, DennisElliptic integrals of the third kindCarlson
1968Clark, JohnAsymptotic stability in general systemsSeifert
1968Curtis, DouglasDeficiency and stability in infinite dimensional linear topology Sanderson
1968Haeder, PaulOn the zeros of solutions of elliptic partial differential equationsMaple
1968McCoy, RobertCells and cellularity in infinite-dimensional normed linear spacesSanderson
1968O'Brien, JosephStability and error analysis of linear multistep methodsLambert
1968Shoultz, WernerChains of minimal generating sets of inseparable fieldsVinograde
1968Sincovee, RichardNorm reduction algorithms for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrixLambert
1968Watson, JamesA numerical technique for solution of the linear second order elliptic equation in the planeMaple
1968Wineinger, ThomasSingular perturbation techniques and its application to a dynamic theroelastic problem LambertRogge
1968Winrich, LonnyAn explicit method for the numerical solution of a nonlinear diffusion equationMaple
1968Woodworth, WayneIntegrals over photo-ringsDyer
1969Baker, JamesGeneralized iterated limits and results on weighted integralsWright
1969Chang, Shang-WangEquilibrium points of non-zero-sum games and axiomatic derivation of decision criteriaVinogradeH. T. David
1969Eke, BonifaceStructure of inseparable compositesVinograde
1969Engquist, MichaelExistence of solutions for differential equations with multivalued right hand sideSeifert
1969Erisman, AlbertAn algorithm for eigenvectors of a non-hermitian matricesLambert
1969Haddix, GeorgeThe lattice of intermediate fields of a purely inseparable extension Vinograde
1969Johnson, WilliamOperator and dual operator bases in linear topological spacesDyer
1969Klasi, MelvinApplications and extensions of the weighted integralsWright
1969Rognlie, DaleGeneralized integral transformCarlson
1969Shive, Robert Jr.Existence theorems for the [psi] integralDyer
1969Strawn, GeorgeResults in polyadic group theoryPeakerBarnes