Master Thesis 1970-1979

YearNameTitleFirst Major Professor
1970Harms, DennisFour theorems of M. H. Stone in the context of noolean algebraDyer
1970Lammers, Thomas Kegley
1970White, Michael Keller
1971Anderson, David Cornette
1971Bogda, RichardOn summability methods for sequences and series of complex numbers and their inter-relationshipsWright
1971Keller, KirbyFundamental solutions for partial differential equationsColwell
1971Martin, RoyDyer
1971Richardson, PaulOn integral transforms of quasi-continuous functionsDyer
1972Andonikou, AnastasiosSome properties of the Weierstrass integralWright
1972Bertram, Barbara Smith Abian
1972Wellendorf, DavidFixed points theorems and some of their applications to analysisDyer
1973Bambenek, Theodore Arganbright
1973Friedrich, Duane Lambert
1973Kwinn, Kathryn Yuhas Abian
1973Schmittling, GordonA few important results of the Riemann sphereWright
1973Strasburger, MartinLambert
1973Vardeman, StephanA characterization of the simply-connected 2-2 manifoldsTondra
1974Genalo, LawerenceOn Green's functions and their use in the solution of certaib boundary value problemsColwell
1974Hauser, AndrewTitchmarsh's theoremColwell
1974Jacquin, ElaineLuecke
1974Kruger, JamesOn diagonally dominant systemsFink
1974Lang, Robert Abian
1974Legrand, MarkAbian
1974Tabor, Wayne Steiner
1974Williamson, MarkWright
1974Witmore, NormanOn flows in networksHeimes
1975Bin Md Tap, Abu OsmanFixed points theorems in metric spacesCornette
1975Cramer, Walter Jr.Numerical tests for hexachordal combinatorialityKegley
1975Hallman, LeoAbian
1975Kunz, Timothy Modifications of a preprocessing algorithm for character recognition Dyer
1975Mohamed-Murid, Ali HassanNumerical computation of some complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kindsCarlson
1975Mowrey, DanielWright
1976Bambenek, TheodoreProperties of Q W (X, ) spacesDyer
1976Cooper, CurtisLambert
1976Cushman, JohnSolute travel time to wells for several practical casesColwell/Kirkham
1976Kammin, Tamara EgglandHentzel
1976McCarty, DavidSteiner
1976Opoien, JamesAbian
1976Poduska, FrankSanderson
1976Pothoven, KeithGeneralized stiffly stable methods of fourth orderLambert
1977Gray, TimothyReproducing kernels for simply connect ed domains Colwell
1977Hickey, KevinThe spectral theorem for self-adjoint operators on Hilbert spaceLuecke
1977Knutson, JeffreyPick functions, monotone matrix functions, and analytic continuationColwell
1977Schmitz, JudithKeller
1978Joe, LillianStiffly stable non-B.F.D, linear multistep methods and their Nordseick representationLambert
1978Potter, EvelynWright
1978Smith, RonaldIntegral representation of the symmetric group SnHentzel
1978Steiner, DonaldSeifert
1978VanLoon, TimothyZalcman's formulation of a principle for normal families of functions.Colwell
1979Sherwood, MarianCain