Master Thesis 1980-1989

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1980Ambuehl, DennisControlling the error in stiff differential equations by automatically changing the step size and orderLambert
1980DeAlba-Guerra, Luz MariaBaire category of some classes of holomorphic functionsColwell
1980Gustafon, JohnSome results concerning strictly totally positive functionsCarlson
1980O'Donnell, BrianMinimization by coordinate descentMadych
1981Blackford, LeslieSome techniques for the summing of convergent infinite seriesColwell
1981Buls, GaryError testing and the automatic stepsize and order changing in a stiff differential equation solverLambert
1981Hoeflin, DavidAn investigation of Hilbert algebrasPeters
1981Richardson, StevenInterpolation using multiplicitiesCornette
1981Schmidt, RobertGeneralized angles of rotation for normal operatorsLambert
1981Thomas, StephanLow level complexity problems of parallel turing machinesPeake
1982Harvestor, RobertThe Moore-Penrose inverse of operator productsLuecke
1983Abbas, MohammedAnalysis of surfaces with one endTondra
1983Asiry, Mansour Ali A. Jacobian approximation for numerical solutions of nonlinear systems of equationLambert
1983Motoyama, TetsuorMeasurement and numerical data analysis in social scienceMathews
1983Odoom, FrankUse of Hermite interpolation in an ordinary differential equation solverAlexander
1984Abu-Kaff, TahaElliptic functions introduced via basic hypergeometric seriesWilson
1984Francis, JamesLuecke
1984Smith, RichardA survey of vector orthogonalization techniques with numerical experimentsLuecke
1984Wong, Peter Sze-YanConjugate inequalities for functions and their derivativesFink
1985Charkraborty, JoyatiResults on ascending and descending chai conditions in ringsHogben
1985Chung, SeiyoungOn the geometric proof of linear programming theoremsFink
1985Egwurube, MichaelTheorems and applications of two dimensional Laplace transformsDahiya
1985Evers, ThomasLevins
1985Mordeson, John H. The recruitman problemFink
1985Phillips, JosephA computer implementation of the schwarz-Christoffel transformJohnston
1985Shieh, Lih-JiuanMarginal values of linear programmingFink
1986Garg, AlokLambert
1986Hsieh, Wei-HuaMonotone Newton's methodFink
1986Jowhar, Ishkan HirajNumerical solutions of operational calculus in two variables involving hypergeometric functionsDahiva
1986Karabatos, MaryAn analysis of the braid group and its significance in link theory Tondra
1986Lukens, Joyce BeckmanVarities of groupsBergman
1986Marston, HollyAlexander
1986Mughrabi, TahsinThe self dual algorithm for linear programsFink
1986Nimmo, StevenGroup RingsSmith
1986TenHoeve, Linda MillerA numerical method for the location and classification of plane critical pointsAlexander
1986Youn, Jung HwaA traveling salesman problemFink
1987Axtell, JohnA numerical study of the derivatives of solutions of the wave equation with a singular forcing term at quenching Levine
1987Fuad, Teng Ku SimonthyAlgebra of knot theorySmith
1987Graves, KathrynLinear transformations on matricesCain
1987Gross, MarkCorones
1987Haberman, StevenLambert
1987Hummer, FrankSteiner
1987Revathi, TiruvadiSwitching techques for stiff/non-stiff systems of ordinary differential equationsLambert
1987Sarmah, PurandarSome basic principles of ergodic theoryPeters
1987Shen, XiaorongNormal Matrices: the proofs for 39 conditions on a n-by-n matrixFink
1987Sriskandarajah, K. Nonlinear resonant tread interactions in boundary layerSachs
1987Tso, Tai-YihInterval analysis on linear equations with interval coefficientsFink
1988Dong, JianConditions on ∑ pi f (Xi) >0 and majorizationFink
1988Haliloglu, EnginThree dimensional inverse Laplace transforms and applicationDahiya
1988Hsueh, Hsin-SinNumerical experiments with vector orthogonalization methodsLuecke
1988Medepalli, AnandAn alternate algorithm to solve the sharing problemFink
1988Philippou, NicosNumerical solutions of multidimensional inverse Laplace transformDahiva
1988Qui, XuehuangThe numerical stability of solutions of the liver cell-type equationFink
1988Raja-Rome, Raja Islander BinLambert
1988Shenoy, ShivanandThe use of a variable switching parameter and its effect on LSODALambert
1988Smith, LauraGalois theoryBergman
1988Thiesse, NathanCorones
1988Yuan, ZhongshengOptimal control in liver kinetics for the unimodular case and numerical experiments on the theoretical resultsFink
1989Bondari, SiamackVarieties of Jordan admissible rings where the McCrimmon radical is an idealHentzel
1989Desirazu, NarendaMurdock
1989Hansen, Gale KrugerResonant periodic solutions of certain nearly-Hamiltonian coupled oscillations by averaging and numerical methodsMurdock
1989Lee, Sang MoonMulti-mode oscillations and invariant tori in chains of coupled Van Der Pol equationsMurdock
1989Mack, KathrynVectorization of Euler equationsLuecke
1989Park, Inja ShinBalanced covering spaces of a compact orientable 2-manifold with two boundary componentsTonda
1989Shih, Chn-LiangA comparison of error estimation for singular perturbation initial value problems with initial impulse.Murdock
1989Walczak, DanielPerformance of LU and Cholesky factorization algorithms using Level-3 BLAS on the NAAS AS/XL vector computeLuecke
1989Zafer, AgacikMultidimensional inverse Laplace transforms and their applicationsDahiya