Master Thesis 1990-1999

YearNameTitleFirst Major Professor
1990Balakrishnan, SinniahMultidimensional Laplace transforms and their applicationsDahiva
1990Bina, ShawnThe Delves-Lyness equationColwell
1990Dass, RachelMinimum modulus solutions of an equationColwell
1990Flint, RobertQuaternion: their Mathematical structure and significance and their physical applicationsBergman
1990Hobart, MichaelDynamical systems and chaosSteiner
1990Kuehn, LauraTechniques for determining periodicity of alphabetic sequencesCornette
1990Lamp, RachelEuclidean domains, principal ideal domains, unique factorization domains and rings of algebraic integersHogben
1990Rogotzke, Kathy WeeTopological groupsBergman
1990Xu, ChenxiRecurrence criteria for Markov chainsAthreya
1991Athreya, SunderNumerical solution of some nonlinear boundary value problemsLevine
1991Thur, LoisGroups of symmetry in Euclidean spaceBergman
1991Waltman, RonaldA formalization of correctness for a simple programming languagePigozzi
1991Wingert, CharlotteConsequences of the axiom of infinityAbian
1992Chinhanu, CharlesExtensions of Perron's theoremFink
1992Diesslin, BrendaInterface morphology of a binary alloy during directional solidificationGrayhack
1992Hertzel, PaulA summary of nonstandard analysisBergman
1992Hsu, Feng-LuanComputation of Puiseux expansions for algebraic curvesAlexander
1992Juhlin, DavidAn introduction to three-valued logicMaddux
1992Meng, XiongParallel cholesky factorization algorithmsLuecke
1992Ray, TimothyBounds of coefficients of Faber expansions of univalent functionsJohnston
1992Stewart, DarrianCamera space control system for a mobil robot-fork liftMiller
1992Whu, Kuo-RayDirection finding with virtual interpolated arrayColdwell
1992Wu, HaichuanThe search for Jesse James' foldFink
1993Cook, Phyllis(Title unavailable)Smith
1993Garbe, Susan OlsonMaximal and prime ideals in rings of continuous functionsSteiner
1993Kirpes, RogerConnectedness of the attracting set for the Henon mapWilson
1993Lai, Ruey-GangIntroduction to stochastic differential equations and some numerical schemesKliemann
1993Mills, MarkThe classical numerical range and the convexity of some of its generalizationsPoon
1993Reich, PamelaVarieties of lattices of height 3Bergman
1993Su, Ba MyGeometric theory of diffractionGautesen
1994Betsinger, DouglasCalculating the Hausdorff dimension of sets using graphWilson
1994Bowers, Sara PetersA many-valued, structural, paraconsistent logicPigozzi
1994Dharwadker, AshayRepresentations of Moufang loops: some consequences of definitionSmith
1994Ou, Chung-MingShadowing theorem and structural stability of perturbed vector fields on two dimensional manifoldsMurdock
1994Roeschlaub, W. Kurt vonAutomated analysis of evolved strategies in iterated prisoner's dilemmaAshcock
1994Rossmanith, RichardTernary commutator algevras, comtrans algebra and akivis algebrasKliemann/Pigozzi
1994Walker, DouglasOptimal control problems in continuous time gamblingWeerasinghe
1995Carberry, DanOn the location of eigenvalues of P-matricesHogben
1995DelRosario, RicardoNumerical approximation of this shell dynamicsSmith
1995Garth, DavidEnumeration of permutation polynomials of group rings over finite fieldsAshlock
1995Lee, Shu-Mee MayThe generalization and application of the box counting theoremTondra
1995Lei, WeiNumerical approximation of thick plate dynamicsSmith, R.
1995Pegors, NaomiBoundary detection in three dimensional medical imagesDavidson
1995Peters, GeorgeStiff ODE's and the composition of the norm of the BDF residualAlexander/Hogben
1995Voutsadakis, GeorgeDeductive systems and the deductive theoremPigozzi
1995Westermeyer, ChrisRandom sequential adsorptionEvans
1996Betsinger, Nicole LangStudents' learning of concepts in group theory: cosets, normality, and quotient groupKeller
1996Harmrin, RamaeA study of shock wave interactions motivated by shock reflectionCanic
1996Trimmer, RonaldGreedy loop transversal codesSmith, JDH
1996Turner, WilliamTime discretization of structural problemsSmith, R.
1996Wang, YouOn partially balanced incomplete block designs with small ordersSong
1997Kobidze, GregorySymmetric solvers for adsorption-dispersion problemDu, Q.
1997Kosmivke, JohnDistance separating maps on graphsAshlock
1997Krajewski, ScottMusical chairs: a bridge club design using genetic algorithmsAshlock
1997Li, YingCholesky decompositionLuecke
1997Sun, ShuxiaThe finite element method with penaltyPeterson
1997Zhang, FanApplying genetic algorithms to binary object detectionDavidson
1998Benkarouda, MaamarThe numerical solution to the Fokker-Planck equation in N-dimensions using the finite element methodMirkovic
1998Candan, TuncayNeumann eigenvalues of the LaplacianLevine
1998Chen, JianbingA discussion of some norms in a special algebraPeters
1998Mitchell, DavidNear ringsBergman
1998Rao, ManlongEnumeration of some classical geometriesSong
1998Spiker, PaulModel development and numerical approximation of acoustic power radiation from a non-uniform composite beamSmith
1999Becker, JoyCollineations of desarguesian projective plansSmith, JDH
1999Chyrsafinos, KostasLagrange multiplier technique for parabolic with inhomogeneous Dirichlet dataGunzburger
1999Gugat, BrianAn analysis of WariHentzel
1999Hamilton, BrentThe appropriate use of technologyKeller
1999Hoover, AmyAlgorithms for finding primitive roots Bergman
1999Hourani, SammyPresentation on stability of solitary waves in the symmetry, I*Peters
1999Johanson, JamesPredicted twinning rates for north American Holstein siresCornette
1999Lu, YingGlobal approximation of finite element methodPeterson
1999Peterson, ToddAnalysis of EST contigsCornette
1999Trangri, NeenaPerformance evaluation of pairwise protein alignment toolLevine