Master Thesis 2000-2009

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2000Grier, RebeccaA model for the onset of tumor angiogenesisLevine
2000Peterson, BrockModeling of constrained-layer beamsHansen
2000Stellmacher, AnnekeInternet VotingBergman
2001Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws: Incorporating multi-resolution viscosity methods into the finite element frameworkGunzburgerPeterson
2001Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical simulation of superconducting rings using a Ginzburg-Landau modelGunzburger
2001Flemisch, BerndThe Alternating Schwarz Method: Mathematical Foundation and Parallel ImplementationPigozzi
2001Rajan, DileepPigozzi
2001Wu, ShiquanAlgorithms for optimal recombination problemsWu, Z.
2002Gross, GregoryTruncated polynomials in the NTRU cryptosystemBergman
2002Hammon, KerstinSome results in the theory of dynamic storage allocation with policyWeerasinghe
2002McClure, ChrisHow Damping affects Newton's basinsHou, S.
2002Nordstrom, SandraThe nonnegative P-O-matrix completion problem: classification of patterns for 4 by 4 matricesHogben
2002Rothbauer, StefanEnriching representable functorsBergman
2002Rubenstein, Kenneth N. Generator theory of classical Lie algebra of typeD'Alessandro
2002Volfovicz-Leon, RobertoAnalysis of a Mathematical model in forest sciencesSmith, JDH
2003Bibi, TauqirMTMM: A Matlab Toolbox for Macromolecular ModelingWu, Z.
2003Campbell Lenarz, JessieSphere packing bounds for edit metric codesAshlock
2003Leeds, DanielHansen
2003Njue, John NjeruNodel point data for inverse Sturm-Liouville problemsSethuramanSacks
2003Rajaram, RajeevMoment Method in Distributed Control TheoryHansen
2003Sargsyan, Seyran SamveliEntropy maximization problemsSmith, JDH
2003Swanstrom, RyanLinear cryptanalysis of Baby RijndaelBergman
2003Tucker, AnnaA Mathematical model for the onset of avasculaar tumor growth response to the loss of p53 functionLevineNilsen-Hamilton
2004Alm, JeremyOn sets of first-order formulas axiomatizing representable relation algebrasMaddux
2004Alturk, AhmetMatrix-valued waveletsKeinert
2004Crabtree, DavidAn Equivalence of CategoriesSmith, JDH
2004Dagli, MehmetLevi Decomposition of Lie Algebras: Algorithms for its ComputationD'AlessandroSmith, JDH
2004Drignei, Michaela ChristinaRegularization strategies for linear operator equationsSacks
2004Meng, QiangOptimal Investment Strategies with Transaction CostsWeerasinghe
2004Murray, Lori AnnDavidson
2004Oftelie, JessicaSimulation of Floral Specialization in BeesAshlock
2004Pang, XiyiNeural Networks—Noise Tolerant Information Modeling Algorithms for market Information AnalysisDavidson
2004Powers, Bradley JamesThe Effects of Tags on Non-local Adaptation AshlockMoloney
2004Ray, Douglas Wayne, Jr.A greedy algorithm enhancing cage searchAshlock
2004Rice, Theodore A.Greedy Quasigroups & Combinatorial GamesSmith, JDH
2004Shuster, Christie MarieIdentity Based Encryption Using Multiple Trust Authorities in Ad Hoc NetworksBergmanDaniels
2005Ahmed, Haseena Sulthana-AmeerA feedback control strategy using the Lyapunov method for quantum systemsD'Alessandro
2005Blabac, Eric MichaelIterating Analytic Complex Maps
2005Dewey, TimothyAn Evaluation of the Klimov-Shamir Keystream GeneratorBergman
2005Kleiman, ElizabethThe XL and XSL Attacks on Baby RijndaelBergman
2005Mukhopadhyay, KritiNMR refinement of under-determined loop regions of the E200K variant of the human prion protein using database-driven distance constraintsWu, Z.
2005Rodriguez-Pedraza, RicardoOptimal portfolio allocatiaon for long-term growth in the presence of transaction costsWeerasinghe
2005Stanley, Christy AnnPairs of values and the chi-squared attackBergman
2006Gillen, TylerA survey of modern methods of biological modelingSmiley
2006Go, Jin-YoungThe most recent common ancestor of two descendants from the nth generation in branching processesAthreyaLiu, H.
2006Liu, KunlunExistence of strong solution for a class of nonlinear parabolic systemsWeber
2006Murphy, ShaneA discussion of the application of fuzzy sets to game theoryMaddux
2006O'Leary, Alison JoThe hyperbolic metric and two-point distortion theorems for univalent functionsJohnston, E.Lieberman
2006Smith, Matthew ChristianA model of the short rate with regime shifts and reflecting barriersWeerasinghe
2006Wengerhoff, DanielUsing the singular value decomposition for image steganographyDavidson
2006Wimmer, Maximilian B.A law of large numbers and central limit theorem for the leaves in a random graph modelSethuraman
2006YoonAnn, EunMeeBranch and Bound Algorithm for Binary Quadratic Programming with Application in Wireless Network CommunicationsWu, Z.
2007Baldwin, MorganStochastic Analysis of Marotzke and Stone Climate ModelKliemann
2007Hansen, EricAnalysis of the Singular Value Decomposition in Data HidingMartin
2007Regenscheid, AndrewAn Algebraic Hash Function Based on SL2Bergman
2007Ruff, OlgaThe Jordan Canonical Forms of orthogonal and skew-symmetric matrices: characterization and examplesHogben
2007Scott, KarinEmploying the umbral algebra to prove the Faa di Formula. Johnston
2007Zick, TimothyOn the Equipollence of Lxr and LxMaddux
2008Allen, BryceImplementing several attacks on plain ElGamal encryptionBergmann
2008Ayala, Jose ManuelGlobal behavior of graph dynamis with applications to Markov chainsKliemann
2008Khemphet, AnchaleeThe extreme points of symmetric norms on R2Peters
2008Li, ZhenNumerical computation of an optimal control problem with homogenization in one-dimensional caseHou
2008Park, Jun KooNormal mode analysis and Gaussian network modelWu, Z.
2008Walters, LauraInvestigation of the use of finite frame theory in cryptographyMartin
2009Batchelor, JohnA study of permutation groups and coherent configurationsSong
2009DeLoss, Laura LeighResults on minimum skew rank of matrices described by a graphHogben
2009Gillespie, John MichaelThe Galois Connection between sequences and ideals Smith
2009Raasch, Jan MartinCommutators and associators in Catalan LoopsSmith
2009Tong, LinPricing mortgages with default and prepaymentHou
2009Wrolstad, JonathanA differential cryptanalysis of Baby RijndaelBergman