Master Thesis 2010-2019

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2010Craychee, Katherine EvansThree Finite Difference Methods for Convection Diffusion Equations Yan
2010Kline, JasonCube attacks applied to the Baby Rigndael Cipher Bergman
2010Nadkarni, Kedar Basics of Sheaf Theory Smith
2010Zhang, ChaoliangA macroscopic study of the Swedish human populationSmithWu
2011Hertz, PaulTwo kinds of approximate symmetrySmith
2011Knutson, JeremyA survey of the use of cellular automata and cellular automata-like models for simulating a population of biological cellsSmiley
2011Qin, WenjunDiscrete Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process in a stationary dynamic environmentGhoshRoitershtein
2011Ross, AriannePositive semidefinite zero forcingHogben
2011Sukhoy, VladA geometric buildup algorithm for the molecular distance geometry problemWu, Z.
2012Hermann, LaurenStream ciphers and the 1/p generatorBergman
2012Peterson, DonaldPseudo-random number generators and an improved steganographic algorithmDavidson
2012Sobti, AnuragMean-reverting jump-di usion models for electricity pricing in the Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland (PJM) marketAlexander
2013Brandi, JuanParallel implementation of the quasi-steady wave propagation method for the shallow water equationsRossmanith
2013Chalmers, JacquelineQuasigroups and their fractalsSmith
2013DeSilvaCoppersmith's attack on low public exponent RSABergman
2013LaGrange, JoshuaIndex calculusBergman
2013McDanel, DongMathematical models for population evolution in ecology, enzyme reaction kinetics and infectious diseases dynamicsYan
2013Peck, ChelseaThe edit distance from a cycle- and squared cycle-free graphMartin
2013Ponce, JoseOn quantum error correctionPoon
2013Shon, JeongminModular categories and invariants of 3-manifoldsBasak
2013Uherka, KelseyAn introduction to Ramsey theory and anti-Ramsey theory on the integers (CC)ButlerYoung
2013Zhong, ZhengOn random coefficient IN AR (1) processesRoitershtein
2014Hay, DianaOn the spectrum of discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear convection-diffusion equationsLiu
2015Rodriquez, Aaron MichaelEstimating the number of covering relations in a formal concept latticeNewman
2015Lischke, AnnaAsymptotic preserving space-time discontinuous Galerkin methods for a class of relaxation systemsRossmanith
2015Cox, Christopher OrlanOrdered and partially-ordered variants of Ramsey's theoremStolee
2016Yord, Garrett RidgeOn quantum computation capabilities in an information assurance contextPoon
2016Taylor, Milo ThomasAn implementation of the relativistic hydrodynamic equations in conservative form using DogpackRossmanith
2016Payne, Nicholas AnthonyA Hopf-Cole transformation based asymptotic method for kinetic equations with a BGK collision operator in the large scale hyperbolic limitLuo
2016Hu, JunzhaoAnalysis of a second order discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for the Allen-Chan equationHou
2016Chenhall, TylerOn the Doi-Onsager Model of Rigid Rod-Like PolymersLiu
2016Carroll, Emily AnnThe dynamical system of iterated Cevian TribblesGhoshRoitershtein
2017Johnson, EricaA high-order discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for a quadrature-based moment-closure modelRossmanith
2017Muchowski, HeatherPositivity-preserving finite volume methods for compressible Navier-Stokes equationsYan
2017Sun, YiyiTrading cookies with a random walkRoitershtein
2017Takhistova, TetianaSpider walk in a random environmentRoitershtein
2017Wass, Isaac ClarenceRainbow paths and trees in properly-colored graphsButler
2018Peterson, Lindsey M.An asymtotic-preserving spectral method based o the radon transform for the PN approximation of radiative transfer Rossmanith
2018 Chavez Salas, Jorge Omar An Application of fuzzy logic of graphsPeters
2019Wiersma, ChristineA locally-implicit Lax-Wenderoff discontinuous Galerkin scheme with limiters that guarentees moment-realizability for quadrature-based moment closuresRossmanith
2019Logemann, CalebAn implicit-explicit discontinuous Galerkin scheme using a newton-free Picard iteration for a thin-film modelRossmanith
2019Bi, BaoyueSelecting pairs of non-transitive diceButler