PhD Dissertations 1933-1949

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1933Anderson, ErnestStatics of special types of homogeneous elastic slabs with variable thicknessHoll
1936Higdon, ArchieStresses in moderately thick rectangular platesHoll
1939Rock, DonaldFinite strain analysis in elasticity theoryHoll
1939Davis, ArthurDifferentiability and continuity properties of solutions of certain partial differential equationsHinrichsen
1940Fryer, H. C.An analysis of group differences arising from a Poisson distribution of observations obtained from irradiation experimentsSnedecorWinsor
1941Thorne, CharlesThe approximate solution of linear differential equations by use of functionalsAtanasoff
1941Anderson, R. L. Serial correlation in the analysis of time series
1942Tripp, RalphStatically equilibrium of skew and sector-shaped platesHoll
1943Li, J.C.RDesign and statistical analysis of confounded factorial experimentsCochran
1943Bancroft, TheodoreTests of significance considered as an aid in statistical methodology
1945Stiles, WilliamSolutions of clamped plated problem by means of functions derived from membrane characteristic distributionHoll
1947Duncan, D. B.Significance tests for differences between ranked variables drawn from normal distribution Mood
1947Crump, S.L.The estimation of components of variance in multiple classification Mood
1948Langenhop, CarlProperties of kernels of integral equations whose iterates satisfy linear relationsThielman
1948Block, Henry DavidExplicit solution of certain singular integral equationsThielman
1948Beach, JamesFlow of viscous fluids between slowly rotating, eccentric cylinderHoll
1949Bortle, FrankAnalytical study of dynamic loads on elastically supported slabsHoll
1949Englebrecht, AlfredCoupled bending and torsional free vibration of swept wingAnderson