PhD Dissertations 1950-1959

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1950Payne, LawrenceTorsion and flexure of composite sectionsHoll
1950Goss, RobertCenter of flexure of beams of triangular cross-sectionHoll
1950Chu, Jun TsuGeneralized Hermitan operators in Hilbert spaceVinograde
1951Worsing, RobertIntegral equation solutions of elastic plate problemsHoll
1951Wedel, ArnoldApplications of Volterra's theory of composition to hypergeometric functionsThielman
1951Reeves, RoyForce fields in which centers of gravity can be definedThielman
1951Lambert, RobertExtension of normal theory to general matricesVinograde
1952Mills, HarlanEquivalent functions of strategies of the theory of gamesVinograde
1952Lindahl, ClarenceOverlapping Pfaffians with application to utility theoryVinograde
1952Gates, Leslie Jr. Differential equations in the distributions of SchwartzBlock
1952Feyerherm, ArlinDistribution of Kronecker products of matricesVinograde
1952Dyer, WalterApproximate solution of boundary value problems: I. by minimization of least square error, II by use of finite differencesHoll
1952Chong, FrederickSolutions by dual integral equations of mixed boundary value problems in elasticityHoll
1952Bolie, VictorPeriodic orbits in the neighborhood of liberation points in certain rotating systemsHinrichsen
1953Hrubecky, HenryStudies in efficiency of the air-stream atomization phenomenaBlockAnderson
1953Cargal, BuchananGeneralizations of continuityThielman
1953Branstetter, R. DeaneA round-off theory for scalar productsVinograde
1954Smith, NewtonTypes of functionsHinrichsen
1954Klopfenstein, RalphRadiation patterns for slotted cylinders of arbitrary cross section Anderson
1954Denson, DeanRegularization of certain systems of differential equations Hinrichsen
1955Yett, FowlerPeriodic solutions of Duffing's equation with forcing term containing first and third harmonicsLangenshop
1955Weeg, GeraldCompletely primary algebras which are direct products modulo the radical Vinograde
1955Swartz, WilliamIterative procedure for obtaining the periodic solution of certain nonlinear differential equationsLangenshop
1955Richmond, DonaldBoundedness of the solutions of some general nonlinear second order differential equationsLangenshop
1957Heckart, HaroldBursting speed of rotating discsWeiss
1958Ruggles, Ivan DaleMinimum norm solution of a linear equation in Hilbert space in terms of related projected equationsLangenshop
1958Raab, WallaceVirtual mass of a deformable bodyWeiss
1958Montgomery, WilliamCleavage of inseparable field productsVinograde
1958Meister, GaryAlmost periodic movements in uniform spacesLangenshop
1958Low, RogerElastic problem of a long circular cylinder with a shrink-fitted collarWeiss
1958Kodres, UnoCharacterization of functions whose second difference approach zeroThielman
1959Anderson, JackNetwork rings and algebrasVinograde
1959Martin, NathanielMetric density of setsThielman
1959Mathews, JeroldFixed point theorem for a contraction mapping in a regular developable spaceThielman
1959Nolte, SidneyModuli of continuity of quasi-smooth functionsThielman
1959Rygg, PaulThe residue field of a local algebraVinograde