PhD Dissertations 1970-1979

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1970Brink, JamesInequalities involving ||f||? and ||f||(n) qFink
1970Chewing, WilliamLocal infinite cohesion and connectivity functionsCornette (after the death of G.T. Whyburn of Univ. of Va)
1970Chuang, Pi-ChunDescription and error analysis of a rapidly converging norm reduction method for eigenvectorsLambert
1970Eltze, ErvinSome properties of [psi] integrationDryer
1970Oakland, DavidOrder relations and Boolean methods in general set theoryAbian
1970Sommer, CliveThe method of synergistic modelsAbian
1971Fischer, DarylDendritic spaces and order relationsSanderson
1971Girolo, JackFixed point theorem for non-continuous functionsCornette
1971Peters, GalenExtensions of algebraic theoriesPeakerVinograde
1971Saegrove, MarcusOn bitopological spacesMathews
1971Voss, DavidA spline shooting technique for two point boundary value problemsLambert
1971White, MichaelA class of projection methods for solving systems of n nonlinear equations in n unknowns allowing projections of order one through nKeller
1972Abbey, DuaneInterlacing and indecomposable modulesDickson
1972Lehman, BarbaraLocal connectedness cyclic element theory and arcwise connectedness in topological spacesCornette
1972Maehara, RyujiAn obstruction theory for fibre-preserving mapsCornetteGottlieb (Purdue U)
1972Nuefeld, RobertCellularity and negligibility in infinite-dimensional normed linear spacesSanderson
1972Pappenfuss, MarvinSuccessive approximations for two-point boundary value problemsHeimes
1972Riley, CharlesNegligibility in non-locally convex spacesSanderson
1972Wooten, DavidOn the completion of topological structures and the extension of associated mappingsSteiner
1973Dotseth, GregoryVolterra integral equations: admissibility results and the generic property of uniqueness of solutionsSeifert
1973Keller, KirbyQualitative behavior of intergrodifferential systems with applications in reactor dynamicsMiller
1973Lammers, ThomasResults on nontangential value distributions of functions meromorphic in a diskColwell
1974Harms, DenisA direct method based on projection for solving systemsKeller
1974Will, WalterBoundary value problems for second order systemsHeimes
1975Ling, Jan-NanChoice integrals, (LIR)-integrals, Gronwall inequalities and some results for the Stieltjes integralWright
1975Peterson, WilliamAn iterative method for Fredholm equations of the first kind Lambert
1975Ridolfo, AnthonyIteration matrices and convergence rates of projection methods Keller
1977Genalo, LawerenceOptimal and suboptimal numerical solutions to a class of optimal control problems with applications to sailplane dynamicsFinkPierson
1977Huang, Cheng-ChiNon-homogeneous Markov chains and their applicationsVinogradeIsaacson
1978Chang, Yen FookFlow invariance for delay differential equationsSeifert
1978Cooper, CurtisHigh order stiffley stable linear multistep methodsLambert
1978Cushman, JohnA Galerkin-projection linearized finite element model for non-linear diffusion in unsaturated porous-media flowsKellerKirkham