PhD Dissertations 1980-1989

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1980Clifton, JosephComplete sets of orthogonal tableauxHentzel
1980Skar, SherwinStability of power systems and other systems of second order differential equationsMiller
1980Strasburger, MartinFamilies of stiffly stable Adams type linear multistep formulasLambert
1981Hayden, Robert W.A history of the "new Math" movement in the United StatesRudolph
1981Hickey, KevinThe numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of the first kindLuecke
1981Potter, Evelyn HattonMultivariate polyharmonic spline interpolationMadych
1982Eslami, EsfandiarGeneric fileters in partially ordered setsAbian
1982Gustafon, John Asymptotic formulas for elliptic integralsCarlson
1984DeAlba-Guerra, Luz MariaA characterization of semi-crosses products of finite-dimensional C* algebrasPeters
1984Hoeflin, DavidOscillations of nonlinear feedback systems which contain tightly coupled subsystems in cascadeMiller
1984Johnson, Jean ThomasErgodic properties of nonhomogeneous continuous-time Markov chainsIsaacsonLuecke
1984Krenz, GaryOn the stability in oscillations in a class of nonlinear feedback systems containing numerator dynamicsMiller
1984Smith, RonaldI. Circumspheres in Hilbert space, II. Automatic handling of finite-dimensional, nonassociative algebrasHentzel
1984Steiner, DonaldBijectional, generic, and permutation models of ZFAbian
1985Smith, RichardTheoretical and numerical studies of some ill-posed problems in partial differential equationsLevine
1985Vijitha-Kumara, KanakaVariable stepsize, variable order multistep methods for stiff ordinary differential equationsLambert
1986Buls, GaryConvergence and stability of variable-stepsize variable-formula multistep multiderivative methodsLambert
1986Dougherty, RobertDirect and inverse scattering of classical waves at oblique incidence to stratified media via invariant imbedding equationsCorones
1986Eltelt, ElsayedL [infinity sign] norm problem and mid-range polishFink
1986Keremedis, KyriakosForcing in set theory and its application to topologySanderson
1986Mousa, MohsenOn the stability analysis of hybrid composite dynamical systemsMiller
1987Abu-Kaff, TahaOscillation and nonoscillation of functional differential equationsDahiya
1987Chung, SeiyoungDual algorithm for L1 isotone optimization on a partially ordered setFink
1987Pennings, TimothyExtensions of dynamical systemsPeters
1987Schmidt, RobertThe numerical solution of linear first kind Fredholm integral equations using an iterative methodLuecke
1988Debnath, Joyati CharkrabortyN-dimensional Laplace transforms with associated transforms and boundary value problemsDahiya
1988Martin, AndrewTopology posets and an unramified symmetric model for set theoryAbian
1988Mehalia, AbdelghaniPainted network flows with weighted divergenceFink
1988Miliaras, GeorgeCardinal invariants and covering properties in topologySanderson
1988Mughrabi, TahsinMulti-dimensional Laplace transforms and applicationsDahiya
1988Nimmo, StevenAnticommutative derivation alternator ringsHentzel
1988Odoom, FrankTheorems on unilateral, bilateral multidimensional Laplace transforms with partial differential equationsDahiya
1988Tamraz, AbdullahBifurcation of periodic solutions of singularly perturbed delay differential equationsAlexander
1989Amin, Wael AhmadCompact posets and ramifiability of large cardinalsAbian
1989Anderson, Jeffrey RubenQualitative studies of a convective porous medium equation with a nonlinear forcing at the boundaryLevine
1989Babakhani, AliTheory of multidemsional Laplace transforms and applicationDahiya
1989Coyle, JamesThe numerical solution of differential-algebraic systems using Runge-Kutta methods of special typeAlexander
1989Fuh, Cheng-DerThe bootstrap method for Markov chainsAthreya
1989Park, Sang RoThe phenomenon of quenching in the presence of convectionLevine
1989Tantawy, AbdallaOscillation and nonoscillation of third order functional differential equationsDahiya