PhD Dissertations 1990-1999

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1990Deng, KengThe asymptotic behavior of solutions of some linear initial-boundary value problems of parabolic typeLevine
1990Gaitan, BrenabdoAbout quasivarieties of p-algebras Wajsberg algebrasBergman
1990Vinayagamoorthy, ManickavasagarInversion of multi-dimensional Laplace transforms: analytical and numerical techniquesDahiya
1990Yun, Jae-HeonNumerical solution for the minimum solution to the first integral equation with a special kernel and efficient implementations of the Cholesky factorization algorithm on the vector and parallel supercomputersLuecke
1991Ho, Chao-PaoSecond order shadowing approximations for passage through resonance and capture at resonanceMurdock
1991Hsieh, Wei-HuaStudy of secondary structure of protein sequences by linear algebraCornette
1991Jones, KirkOn the preservation of Lipschitz classes under the Faber transformationJohnston, E.
1991Sun, ZhimingTime domain inverse source problem and fluid-saturated porous media scattering problemCorones
1991Tso, Tai-YihPseudo arc-length continuation method for multiple solutions in one dimensional steady state semiconductor device simulationAlexander
1991Xiaorong, ShenComtrans algebrasSmith, JDH
1992Fan, KaishengTopics in nonlinear filteringRudolph
1992Hummer, FrankLoop transversal codesSmith, JDH
1992Jayawardena, K.S.A solution method to a new class of inverse spectral problemsSacks
1992Medepalli, AnandThe assignment problem in distributed computingColwellFernandez-Baca
1992Phillips, Jon Jr. Combinational triality and representation theorySmith, JDH
1992Zafer, AgacikOscillatory properties of solutions of functional differential equations and difference equationDahiya
1993Bondari, SiamaackConstructing the identities and the central identities of degree < 9 of the n by n matricesSmith, JDH
1993Fuad, TengkuQuasigroups, right quasigroups, coverings, and representationSmith, JDH
1993Haliloglu, EnginBounds for faber coefficients of functions univalent in a ellipseJohnston, E.
1993Hobart, MichaelVector latticesSmith, JDH
1993Joseph, ElizabethStability radii of two dimensional bilinear systems: Lyapunov exponent approachKliemann
1993Maheswaran, ThiagarajaRecovery of a one dimensional impedance profile from transmission dataSacks
1993Ray, TimothyModeling of surface reactionsEvans
1993Saberi-Nadjafi, Jafar N-dimensional Laplace transformations and their application in partial differential equationsDahiya
1993Sriskandarajah, K. Global bifucation of a sinusoidally forced Duffing's equationSmiley
1993Thur, LoisSubgradients of algebraically convex functions: a Galois connection relating convex sets and subgradients of convex functionsSmith, JDH
1993Uda, YoshitakeFujita type global existence-global nonexistence theorems for weakly coupled systems of reaction-diffusion equationsLevine
1993Wang, L.CThe conditions for the uniform validly of three tie scale approximation on a very long intervalMurdock
1994Diesslin, BrendaStudy of directionally solidified eutectics with emphasis on oscillator instabilitiesGrayhackHeimes
1994O'Donnell, BrianNonlinear filtering of stochastic dynamical systemsGogginKliemann
1994Palasinska, KatarzynaDeductive systems and finite axiomatization propertiesPigozzi
1994Vidyashankar, AnandLarge deviation results for branching processes in fixed random environmentsAthreya
1995Kang, Hye-JeongLimit theorems for branching Markov processesAthreya
1995Wang, RongModulation of (gamma)-aminobutytric acis (GABA) type A receptor-medicated responses in spinal doral horn neurons by {mu}-opioid Recepto agonist and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase and Monte Carlo simulation of the GABAergic synaptic transmission Cornette
1996Hsu, Feng-LuanCoding theory and discrete transformKliemann
1996Kwon, Soon-GeolHigh accuracy wavelet-Galerkin methodsKeinert
1996Lai, Reuy GangPractical feedback stabilization of nonlinear control systems and applicationsKliemann
1996Lin, ShanAnalysis an synthesis of nonlinear control systemsKliemann
1996Ou, Chung-MingGlobal aspects of control system: perspectives from control Lyapunov functionsKliemann
1996Reich, PamelaComplex algebras of semigroupsBergman
1997Buske, DaleHilbert modules over semi crossed products of the disk algebraPeters
1997Peters, GeorgeOscillatory solutions on conservation laws related to nonexistence of weak self-similar Riemann surfacesCanic
1998Choi, Dug-HwanSupport functions of convex sunsets of a finite dimensional real spaceSmith, JDH
1998Voutsadakis, GeorgeCategorical abstract algebraic logicPigozzi
1998Wang, HualinFeedback stabilization of bilinear control systemsKliemann
1998Wojdylo, JerzyRelation algebras and vertex conditions in graph theorySmith, JDH
1999Chun, ChangbumError estimates for the bifurcation function for semilinear elliptic boundary value problemsSmiley
1999James, EdnaStochastic models for surface adsorption and reaction processesEvans
1999Mills, MarkThe intersection of some classical equivalence classes of matricesCain