PhD Dissertations 2000-2009

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2000Baccam, Prasith (Sid)Genetic variation and evolution of equine infectious anemia virus rev quasispecies during long term persistent infectionCornette
2000Pamuk, SerdalTwo dimensional models of tumor angiogenesisLevine
2000Thompson, HeatherInvestigating and representing inquiry in college Mathematics courseKeller
2001Dai, Jack JieSome results in probability and theoretical computer scienceAthreya
2001Lee, JeehyunOptimization-based domain decomposition methods for multidisciplinary simulationGunzburger
2001Majumdar, RuchiraOn relationships between the Lypanov spectrum and the Morse spectrumKliemann
2001Vojtechovsky, PetrFinite sample moufang loopsSmith, JDH
2002Becker, JoyComputational complexity of digraph decomposition and the congruence extension property of algebrasBergman
2002Choi, Ji YoungMulti-restricted numbers and powers of permutation representationsSmith, JDH
2002Chrysafinos, KonstantinosAnalysis and finite element approximation of parabolic saddle point problems and applications to controlGunzburger
2002Ju, LiliProbabilistic and parallel algorithms for centroidal Voroni tessalations with application to meshless computing and analysis on surfacesGunzburger
2002Zhu, WenxiangModelling, analysis, numerical approximations of the forced Fisher's equation and related control problemsGunzburgerHou
2003Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws: incorporating multi-resolution viscosity methods into finite element frameworkGunzburger
2003Candan, TuncayOscillation behavior of Higher Order Functional Differential Equations with distributed deviating argumentsDahiya
2003Kwon, Hee-DaeAnalysis and Approximation of Terminal-State Tracking Optimal Control Problems and Controllability Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential EquationsHouGunzburger
2003Malonza, DavidNormal Forms for Couples Takens-Bogdanov SystemsMurdock
2003Zerr, RyanPartial dynamical systems and AF C*-algebrasPeters
2004Babyonyshev, SergeiMetatheories of Deductive SystemsPigozziBergman
2004Bhatt, Gyan ShyamNonseparable multivariate waveletsKeinert
2004Kivunge, Benard MuthianiSedenion Extension Loops and Frames of Hypercomplex 2n-onsSmith, JHD
2004Mutungi, Patrick MugoSimple Ternary Complex Grassmann AlgebrasSmith, JHD
2004Yang, Sung-DaeShooting Methods for Numerical Solutions of Control Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDE’sHou
2005Aydinyan, RubenLoop transversal codes over finite ringsSmith, JDH
2005Campbell, JessieEnumeration and symmetry of edit spacesAshlock
2005Cui, FengDistance-based NMR structure determination and refinementWu, Z.Jernigan
2005Kim, Eun-YounAnalysis of Game Playing Agents with FingerprintsAshlock
2005Kim, JoohyungClassification of small class association schemes coming from certain combinatorial objectsSongLong
2005Maxwell, MandiAlmost perfect nonlinear functions and related combinatorial structuresSongBergman
2005Rajaram, RajeevExact boundary controllability results for sandwich beam systemsHansen
2005Wangsness, AmyThe matrix completion problem regarding various classes of PO,1-matricesHogben
2006Alm, JeremyWeak representation theory in the calculus of relationsMaddux
2006Chepkwony, IsaacAnalysis and control theory of some cochlear modelsHansen
2006Gunaratne, AjithA penalty function method for constrained molecular dynamicsWu, Z.
2006Meyer, Kristen AnnA new message authentication code based on the non-associativity of quasigroupsBergman
2006Schonfeld, JustinA modular data analysis pipeline for the discovery of novel RNA motifsAshlockVoytas
2006Wu, DiDistance-based protein structure modelingWu, Z.Jernigan
2007Chung, Key OneWeak homomorphisms of coalgebrasSmith, JDH
2007Fiedler, JamesGreco-Latin Squares as BijectionsSmith, JDH
2007Meng, QiangTopics in Pricing American-type ContractsWeerasinghe
2007Rice, TheodoreGreedy Quasigroups and Greedy Algebras with Applications to Combinatorial GamesSmith, JDH
2007Vedell, Peter ThomasBoundary value approaches to molecular dynamics simulationWu, Z.
2008Ahmed, HaseenaHigh-resolution alternating evolution schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equationsLiu
2008Bhattacharyya, GargiTerwilliger algebras of wreath products of association schemesSong
2008Dagli, MehmetLie algebra decompositions with applications to quantum dynamicsD'AlessandroSmith
2008Drignei, Mihaela-CristinaInverse Sturm-Kiouville Problems using Multiple SpectraSacks
2008Halverson, MatthewAsymptotic behavior of the solutions to a family of PDE's arising from the chemotaxis equations of Keller and SegalLevineJohnston
2008Lee, Jangwoon (Leo)Analysis and finite element approximations of stochastic optimal control problems constrained by stochastic elliptic partial differential equationsHou
2008Mikkelson, RanaMinimum rank of graphs that allow loopsHogben
2008Shin, JaeminInverse scattering problems for first-order systemsSacks
2008Wang, Zhongming (Eric)Development of level set methods for computing semi-classical limit in Schrodinger equations with various potentialsLiu
2008Xie, XiaoliangLarge time-stepping methods for higher order time-dependent evolution equationsLiu
2008Xu, YingModeling and direct numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flowsLueckeSubramaniam
2009Allen, AaronStability results for damped multilayer composite beams and platesHansen
2009Alturk, AhmetBoundary functions for wavelets and their properties Keinert
2009Guo. XiaofangGeneric two-phase coexistence in quadratic contact process Evans
2009Kurth, Chris AllenModular Forms and modular symbols for noncongruence groupsLong
2009Ming, JuOptimal control of stochastic flowHou
2009Pryporova, OlgaTypes of convergences of matricesHogben