PhD Dissertations 2010-2019

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2010Cheng, Yi-LinOn Hopf algebras of dimension 4pNg
2010Hilgemann, MichaelOn finite-dimensional Hopf algebras and their classifications Ng
2010Howk, Cory LeeA mathematical model for IL6-induced differentiation of neural progenitor cells on a micropatterned polymer substrateLevineSmiley
2010Kleiman, ElizabethHigh performance computing techniques for attacking reduced version of AES using XL and XSL methods BergmanFernandez-Baca
2010Kontogiannis, DimitriosHomogenization problems in random media SethuramanLiberman
2010Manske, JacobColoring and extremal problems in combinatorics Axenovich
2010Miranda-Mendoza, FernandoAn option-theoretic valuation model for residential mortgages with stochastic conditions and discount factors Hou
2010Seo, Yeon-JungMathematical Analysis of Multiple Target SALEXLevineNilsen-Hamilton
2010Sit, AtillaSolving distance geometry problems for protein structure determinationWu, Z
2010Wells, AndrewZorn Vector Matrices over commutative rings and loops arising from their constructionSmith, JDH
2010Zhou, WenMathematical modeling of MHC Class II immune response in tissues SuSacks, Paul
2011Choi, JihyeokProblems in graph theory and probabilityAxenovichSethuraman
2011Hong, Jyy-ICoalescence in Bellman-Harris and Multi-type branching processes Athreya
2011Liu, SijiaNovel data clustering methods and applicationsMatzavinos
2011Row, Darren DanielZero forcing number: Results for computation and comparison with other graph parametersHogben
2011Stanton, Brendon MichaelOn Vertex Identifying Codes for Infinite LatticesMartin
2012Al-Sa'Di, Sa'udSampling and interpolation in Hilbert spaces of entire functionsWeberPeters
2012Bickner, DevinOn normal networksWillson
2012Hwang, SukjungHolder regularity of solutions of generalized p-Laplacian type parabolic equationsLieberman
2012Khemphet, AnchaleeThe Jacobson radical of semicrossed products of the disk algebraPeters
2012Kramer, DominicBasis Identification through Convex OptimizationWeber
2012Lastrina, MichelleList-coloring and sum-list-coloring problems on graphsAxenovich
2012Li, ZhenStochastic homogenization of elliptic equation and optimal controlHou
2012McKay, TracyThe edit distance function for graphs: an exploration of the case of forbidden induced K_{2,t} and other questionsMartin
2012Olmez, OktayOn highly regular digraphsSong
2012Ozer, A. OzkanExact boundary controllability and feedback stabilization for a multi-layer Rao-Nakra beamHansen
2012Park, Jun KooOn coarse-grained normal mode analysis and refined Gaussian network model for protein structure fluctuationsWu, Z
2012Peters, TravisPositive semidefinite maximum nullity and zero forcing numberHogben
2012Rastegar, RezaTopics in self-interacting random walksRoitershteinGhosh
2012Smith, JasonInduced saturation numberMartin
2012Stines, ElijahAbelian qo-groups and atomic pseudo-valuation domainsSmith, JDH
2012Vidden, ChadThe direct discontinuous Galerkin Method with symmetric structure for diffusion problems.Yan
2012Ylvisaker, AndrewA formalization of logic in diagonal-free cylindric algebrasMaddux
2013Aydogmus, OzgurNon-local interactions in spatial evolutionary gamesWu
2013Basnet, ManOn modi ed `-one minimization problems in compressed sensingKeinertVaswani
2013Failing, DavidCommutative, idempotent groupoids and the constraint satisfaction problemBergman
2013Hao, YipingComputation and analysis of evolutionary game dynamicsWu
2013Huang, YuanyuanStatistical summary of protein structuresWuJernigan
2013Osborne, StevenCospectral bipartite graphs for the normalized LaplacianButlerHogben
2013Pryporov, MaksymGaussian beam methods for the Schrodinger equation with periodic potentials and strictly hyperbolic systemsLiu
2013Seol, YoungsooRandom walks in a sparse random environmentRoitershtein
2013Tang, ChunquanMixed boundary value problems for quasilinear elliptic equationsLieberman
2013Timms, GeoffHaemers' minimum rankHogben
2013Wang, Chi-JenAnalysis of discrete reaction-diffusioin equations for autocatalysis and continuum diffusion equations for transportEvans
2013Wang, JingModeling of the interplay between single-file diffusion and conversion reaction in mesoporous systemsEvans
2013Yu, HuiOn entropy satisfying and maximum-principle-satisfying high-order methods for Fokker-Planck equationsLiu
2014Albashrawi, Saleh A.Second order characteristic based schemes for chemotaxis systemSmiley, Michael
2014Erickson, Craig JeremySign patterns that require eventual exponential nonnegativityHogben, Leslie
2014Johnson, Ryan TimothyThe Frobenius-Schur indicator of Tambara-Yamagami categoriesBasak, Tathagata
2014Kramer, LucasOn diamond-free subposets of the Boolean lattice: An application of flag algebrasMartin, Ryan
2014Lee, YongkiThreshold dynamics in hyperbolic partial differential equationsLiu, Hailiang
2014Orizaga, SauloOn the nonlinear regime of electrically induced viscous jets with finite conductivityHou, Steven
2014Warnberg, Nathan JoelPositive semidefinite propagation timeHogben, Leslie
2015Ayers, Kimberly DanielleGraoh determined symbolic dynamics and hybrid systemsKliemann, Wolfgang
2015Ekstrand, JasonPositivity in function algebrasPeters, Justin
2015Kingsley, Nicole F.Skew propagation timeHogben, Leslie
2015Martinez, Jose de JesusModeling and controllability of a heat equation with a point massHansen, Scott
2015Nowak, Kathleen ElizabethPartial geometric designs and difference familiesSong, Sung
2015Palmowski, Kevin FrancisA fractional approach to minimum rank and zero forcingHogben, Leslie
2015Roat, Jolie DiannaOn 8p-dimensional Hopf algebras with the Chevalley propertyNg, Siu-Hung
2015Wang, MinMathematical and statistical models in evolutionary game theoryWu, ZhijunDorman, Karin
2015Zheng, YunAsset Pricing Based on Stochastic Delay Differential EquationsWu, HuaiqingHou, L. Steven
2016Berikkyzy, ZhanarThe edit distance function: Forbidding induced powers of cycles and other questionsMartin, Ryan
2016Herr, John EdwardFourier series for singular measures and the Kaczmarz algorithmWeber, Eric
2016Hogenson, Kirsten AnnRandom and deterministic versions of extremal poset problemsMartin, Ryan
2016Sanyatit, PreechayaIsomorphism of uniform algebras on the 2-torusPeters, Justin
2016Voller, Zachary D.Limit theorems for persistent random walks in cookie environmentsRoiterchtein, Alex
2017Dagtoros, KubilayLarge deviation results for random walks in a sparse random environmentGhosh, ArkaRoitershtein, Alex
2017Goertz, Jeremiah JoelReflection group diagrams for a sequence of Gaussian Lorentzian latticesBasak, Tathagata
2017Heysse, KristinConstructions for cospectral graphs for the normalized Laplacian matrix and distance matrixButler, Steve
2017Hotchkiss, Calvin FrancisFourier bases on the skewed Sierpinski gasketWeber, Eric
2017Huang, KeguoTopics in queueing theoryGhosh, Arka
2017Lin, Chin-HungVariants of zero forcing and their applications to the minimum rank problemHogben, LeslieButler, Steve
2017Martinez-Rivera, XavierPrincipal rank characteristic sequencesHogben, Leslie
2017Moss, KevinColoring problems in graph theoryLidicky, BernardButler, Steve
2017Noren, Steven RonaldTopics in self-interacting random walksGhosh, ArkaRoitershtein, Alex
2017Rasberry, Darrin ThomasOn minimal support solutions of underdetermined systems of linear equationsHentzel, IrivnSong, Sung
2017Wang, FeifeiComputational modeling of impact and deformationJia, Yan-BinHansen, Scott
2017Wang, Stefanie GraceOn free quasigroups and quasigroup representationsSmith, Jonathan D. H.
2018Anderson-Lee, JuliaA continuum approach to modeling the vibrations within a block subjected to free rockingHansen, ScottSritharan, Sivalingam
2018Dairyko, MichaelOn exponential domination of graphsYoung, MichaelHogben, Leslie
2018Messerschmidt, KacyColoring problems in graph theoryLidicky, Bernard
2018Quinones, Leoncio RodriguezDirect and inverse problems for a Schrodinger-Steklov eigenproblem on different domains and spectral geometry for the first normalized Steklov eigenvalue on domains with one holeNguyen, X. HienSacks, Paul
2018Walker, ShaniseProblems in extremal graphs and poset theoryMartin, Ryan
2018Zhou, SenEstimation of the risk-neutral density function from option pricesHou, Steven
2019Sheller, Benjamin AdamSymmetry reduction in K-P problemsD'Alessandro, Domenico