PhD Dissertations 2020-

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2020Biswas, AnimeshRegularity theory for nonlocal space-time master equationsStinga
2020Harding, Steven NathanApplications of harmonic analysis to topics in data scienceWeber
2020Jacobs, Matthew AaronAsymptotic solutions for high frequency Helmohltz equationsLuo
2020Lucas, Daniel MarkConditions for the existence of quantum error correction codesPoon
2020Maimaitiyiming, WumaierPositive and energy stable schemes for Poisson-Nernst-PlanckLiu
2020Reinders, StephanieStatistical methods for digital image forensics: Algorithm mismatch for blind spatial steganalysis and score-based likelihood ratios for camera device identificationNewman
2020Vaughan, Mary ColleenAnalysis of nonlocal equations: One-sided weighted fractional Sobolev spaces and Harnack inequality for fractional nondivergence form elliptic equationsStinga
2021Alameda, JosephVariations of zero forcing and power dominationYoung
2021Kritschgau, Juergen DesmondAnti-Ramsey problems on groups and graphsYoung
2021Lorenzen, KateCospectral constructions and spectral properties of variations of the distance matrixButler
2021Murphy Kyle EdingerTuran problems in extremal graph theory and flexibilityLidicky
2021Riasanovsky, Alex NealTwo problems in etxremal combinatoricsMartin, R.
2021Reinhart, CarolynThe distance matrix and its variants for graphs and digraphsHogben
2021Sutton, Nyle AlexanderSpectral properties of hermitian-preserving maps, generalized matricial ranges, and positive definitenessPoon