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ISU Mathematics Department Had Strong Showing at CSE19 Conference With Eleven Participants

Christine Wiersma presents at the CSE19 Conference in Spokane, Washington

The Mathematics Department at Iowa State University had a strong showing at the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE19) Conference, with eleven ISU graduate students, faculty members and alumni members presenting posters or talks. CSE was held February 25- March 1 in Spokane, Washington.

Hosted by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the CSE Conference is the largest of the SIAM-organized conferences, involving 3,0000 attendees from around the globe.

These participants from ISU showcased their mathematical research at the conference (additional information about individual presentations is at the provided links):

Current grad students:

Mary Vaughan. (poster,

Christine Wiersma (poster,

Caleb Logemann (talk,

Minwoo Shin (talk,

opamudra Palodhi (talk,

LWumaier Maimaitiyiming (talk,


Pierson Guthrey (talk,

Anna Lischke (talk,

Lili Ju (talk,

Current Faculty:

Jue Yan (talk,

James Rossmanith