Mathematics Course Home Pages

Multi-Section Courses: Syllabus and Core Objectives

As part of our effort to make multi-section courses as uniform as practical, each of these courses has a course coordinator who is responsible for setting policy and supervising the individual instructors. For each such course, one global web page containing syllabus, learning outcomes, and other information that should be uniform between sections of the same class is posted below.

Most of the files are located in CyBox directory Coordinated Course Pages.

  • Math 104: Introduction to Probability (Christian Roettger)
  • Math 105: Introduction to Mathematical Ideas (Christian Roettger)
  • Math 140: College Algebra (Alejandro Andreotti)
  • Math 143: Preparation for Calculus (Victoria Blumen)
  • Math 145: Applied Trigonometry (Alejandro Andreotti)
  • Math 150: Discrete Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences (Dane Mayhook)
  • Math 151: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences (Dane Mayhook)
  • Math 160: Survey of Calculus (Rana Parshad)
  • Math 165: Calculus I (Heather Bolles)
  • Math 166: Calculus II (Heather Bolles)
  • Math 195/196: Mathematics for Elementary Education I/II (Susan Johnson)
  • Math 201: Introduction to Proofs (Jonathan Smith)
  • Math 207: Matrices and Linear Algebra (Eli Stines)
  • Math 265: Calculus III (Heather Bolles)
  • Math 266/267: Elementary Differential Equations/Elementary Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms (Man Basnet)
  • Math 301: Abstract Algebra I (Jason McCullough)
  • Math 317: Theory of Linear Algebra (Kris Lee)
  • Math 492: Undergrad Seminar (Kris Lee)