How do I qualify for a course beyond Math 165?

To qualify for Mathematics 1660 (Calculus II), you must:

  • score at least 80% on the ALEKS assessment.


  • score at least 70% (14 out of 20) on the special Calculus II placement assessment accesses through Canvas.

To access Canvas, you will need your ISU NetID. If you do not already have a NetID then follow the directions below:

To register for a NetID Canvas log-in) go to the following website:

1. Fill in the required information including your student ID number.
2. Click the “next button”.
3. Write down your NetID and password.

Allow up to 24 hours for your NetID to be activated.

For placement beyond Mathematics 1660 you will need an ALEKS score of at least 80% and transfer for Mathematics 1660 or equivalent. Your advisor will work with you at orientation to find an appropriate course and may have you visit with a member of the Mathematics Department to better assess your background and abilities.