Imagine yourself as a data scientist, leveraging numbers to uncover valuable insights and drive innovation. Alternatively, you might find yourself thriving as an actuary, providing crucial financial guidance and minimizing risks for businesses. The field of cryptography offers an intriguing path where you can contribute to digital security and protect sensitive information. If you have a passion for teaching, academia welcomes mathematicians to inspire and educate future generations. With a mathematics degree, you’ll find endless opportunities across industries like finance, technology, healthcare, and engineering. So, embrace the power of numbers and unlock a world of possibilities in a career that nurtures your intellectual curiosity.

Career planning and preparation

Looking for help in putting together the perfect resume or cover letter? Or maybe you are looking for an internship or even some mock interviews for an upcoming job? LAS Career Services can help you with all of these and more.

Inspiring internships

Internships offer you real-world experience in areas such as data science and machine learning, actuarial science, mathematical finance, and more. Our students intern at John Deere, Collins Aerospace, Nationwide, Principal Financial, Raytheon, and many other companies.


Alumni Careers: Kira Barclay

Director of Analytics at John Deere Financial World Headquarters in Johnston, Iowa