Score Placement and Preparation Modules: Use only for ALEKS assessments taken on or after April 12, 2013.

The following table summarizes the ALEKS score placement requirements for ISU Mathematics and Statistics course. If you want to retake the ALEKS assessment to try to improve your score, you could complete the ALEKS Prep Module that is indicated before retaking ALEKS. The table also lists the ISU Mathematics course that can be used in place of the reassessment.

In order to enroll in:Minimum ALEKS Placement scoreALEKS Prep ModuleISU course to prepare for this course
MATH 1040
MATH 1050
MATH 1390 (corequisite with MATH 1400)
MATH 1490 (corequisite with MATH 1500)
MATH 1400
MATH 1500
MATH 1950
STAT 1010
STAT 1040
39Prep for Intermediate Algebran/a
MATH 1430
MATH 1450
MATH 1510
MATH 1600
51Prep for PrecalculusMATH 1400
MATH 165076Prep for CalculusMATH 1430
MATH 1660Take the MATH 1660 placement examn/aMATH 1650

If you have questions about which Math course to enroll in, please discuss this with your advisor.