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Hal Schenck Professor and Department Chair
Alejandro Andreotti Adj. Asst. Prof. & DOGE for MSM
Tathagata Basak Associate Professor [MATH]
Steve Butler Associate Professor
Michael Catanzaro Assistant Professor
Domenico D’Alessandro Professor [MATH]
James Evans Professor
Arka Ghosh Associate Professor (Stat)
Scott Hansen Associate Professor [MATH]
Jonas Hartwig Assistant Professor [MATH]
David Herzog Assistant Professor [MATH]
Leslie Hogben Professor & Director of Diversity
Joseph Iverson Assistant Professor
Elgin Johnston Professor & Director of CEUME
Claus Kadelka Assistant Professor
Fritz Keinert Associate Professor & Departmental IT Coordinator
Bernard Lidický Associate Professor [MATH]
Hailiang Liu Professor [MATH]
Glenn Luecke Professor [MATH]
Songting Luo Associate Professor [MATH]
Jack Lutz Professor (ComS)
Ryan Martin Professor [MATH]
Jason McCullough Assistant Professor [MATH]
Tim McNicholl Professor [MATH]
Jennifer Newman Associate Professor [MATH]
Xuan Hien Nguyen Associate Professor [MATH]
Rana Parshad Assistant Professor [MATH]
Yiu Tung Poon Professor [MATH]
Aditya Ramamoorthy Professor [E CPE]
James Rossmanith Associate Professor [MATH]
Alric Rothmayer Professor (AERO)
Kristin Yvonne Rozier Assistant Professor [AER E]
Paul Sacks Professor [MATH]
Jonathan D. H. Smith Professor [MATH]
Sung-Yell Song Associate Professor & DOGE for Math and Applied Math
Pablo Raúl Stinga Assistant Professor [MATH]
Namrata Vaswani Professor (ECE)
Eric Weber Associate Professor [MATH]
Ananda Weerasinghe Professor [MATH]
Zhijun Wu Professor [MATH]
Jue Yan Associate Professor [MATH]
Michael Young Associate Professor [MATH]