PhD Dissertations

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1933Anderson, ErnestStatics of special types of homogeneous elastic slabs with variable thicknessHoll
1936Higdon, ArchieStresses in moderately thick rectangular platesHoll
1939Rock, DonaldFinite strain analysis in elasticity theoryHoll
1939Davis, ArthurDifferentiability and continuity properties of solutions of certain partial differential equationsHinrichsen
1940Fryer, H. C.An analysis of group differences arising from a Poisson distribution of observations obtained from irradiation experimentsSnedecorWinsor
1941Thorne, CharlesThe approximate solution of linear differential equations by use of functionalsAtanasoff
1941Anderson, R. L. Serial correlation in the analysis of time series
1942Tripp, RalphStatically equilibrium of skew and sector-shaped platesHoll
1943Li, J.C.RDesign and statistical analysis of confounded factorial experimentsCochran
1943Bancroft, TheodoreTests of significance considered as an aid in statistical methodology
1945Stiles, WilliamSolutions of clamped plated problem by means of functions derived from membrane characteristic distributionHoll
1947Duncan, D. B.Significance tests for differences between ranked variables drawn from normal distribution Mood
1947Crump, S.L.The estimation of components of variance in multiple classification Mood
1948Langenhop, CarlProperties of kernels of integral equations whose iterates satisfy linear relationsThielman
1948Block, Henry DavidExplicit solution of certain singular integral equationsThielman
1948Beach, JamesFlow of viscous fluids between slowly rotating, eccentric cylinderHoll
1949Bortle, FrankAnalytical study of dynamic loads on elastically supported slabsHoll
1949Englebrecht, AlfredCoupled bending and torsional free vibration of swept wingAnderson

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1950Payne, LawrenceTorsion and flexure of composite sectionsHoll
1950Goss, RobertCenter of flexure of beams of triangular cross-sectionHoll
1950Chu, Jun TsuGeneralized Hermitan operators in Hilbert spaceVinograde
1951Worsing, RobertIntegral equation solutions of elastic plate problemsHoll
1951Wedel, ArnoldApplications of Volterra’s theory of composition to hypergeometric functionsThielman
1951Reeves, RoyForce fields in which centers of gravity can be definedThielman
1951Lambert, RobertExtension of normal theory to general matricesVinograde
1952Mills, HarlanEquivalent functions of strategies of the theory of gamesVinograde
1952Lindahl, ClarenceOverlapping Pfaffians with application to utility theoryVinograde
1952Gates, Leslie Jr. Differential equations in the distributions of SchwartzBlock
1952Feyerherm, ArlinDistribution of Kronecker products of matricesVinograde
1952Dyer, WalterApproximate solution of boundary value problems: I. by minimization of least square error, II by use of finite differencesHoll
1952Chong, FrederickSolutions by dual integral equations of mixed boundary value problems in elasticityHoll
1952Bolie, VictorPeriodic orbits in the neighborhood of liberation points in certain rotating systemsHinrichsen
1953Hrubecky, HenryStudies in efficiency of the air-stream atomization phenomenaBlockAnderson
1953Cargal, BuchananGeneralizations of continuityThielman
1953Branstetter, R. DeaneA round-off theory for scalar productsVinograde
1954Smith, NewtonTypes of functionsHinrichsen
1954Klopfenstein, RalphRadiation patterns for slotted cylinders of arbitrary cross section Anderson
1954Denson, DeanRegularization of certain systems of differential equations Hinrichsen
1955Yett, FowlerPeriodic solutions of Duffing’s equation with forcing term containing first and third harmonicsLangenshop
1955Weeg, GeraldCompletely primary algebras which are direct products modulo the radical Vinograde
1955Swartz, WilliamIterative procedure for obtaining the periodic solution of certain nonlinear differential equationsLangenshop
1955Richmond, DonaldBoundedness of the solutions of some general nonlinear second order differential equationsLangenshop
1957Heckart, HaroldBursting speed of rotating discsWeiss
1958Ruggles, Ivan DaleMinimum norm solution of a linear equation in Hilbert space in terms of related projected equationsLangenshop
1958Raab, WallaceVirtual mass of a deformable bodyWeiss
1958Montgomery, WilliamCleavage of inseparable field productsVinograde
1958Meister, GaryAlmost periodic movements in uniform spacesLangenshop
1958Low, RogerElastic problem of a long circular cylinder with a shrink-fitted collarWeiss
1958Kodres, UnoCharacterization of functions whose second difference approach zeroThielman
1959Anderson, JackNetwork rings and algebrasVinograde
1959Martin, NathanielMetric density of setsThielman
1959Mathews, JeroldFixed point theorem for a contraction mapping in a regular developable spaceThielman
1959Nolte, SidneyModuli of continuity of quasi-smooth functionsThielman
1959Rygg, PaulThe residue field of a local algebraVinograde

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1960Bunn, JoeTwo-dimensional flow through porous mediaHinrichsen
1960Dean, LuraNonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation with small parameterMaple
1960Fink, ArlingtonAlmost periodic points in topological transformation semi-groupsLangenshop
1960Goering, OrvilleDependence of the solution of a Goursat problem on the characteristic dataMaple
1961James, DonaldPeriodic integral surfaces for periodic systems of differential equations Seifert
1961Lambert, HowardCompactness and product spacesSanderson
1961Mundt, MarvinSufficient conditions for a summability method for improper Lebesgue-Stieltjes integrals involving an integral-to-function transformation to be regularWright
1961Zechmann, AlbertProblems in viscoelasticityWeiss
1962Anderson, RonaldSolutions of mixed type partial differential equationsMaple
1962Brey, HenryEmbedding subfields of quasi-local rings in residue fieldsThielman
1962Crane, RogerStability and local accuracy of numerical methods for ordinary differential equationsLambert
1962Hildebrand, ShelbyConnectivity functionsSanderson
1962Hocking, RonaldMathematical programming in statistical estimation theoryMapleHartley
1962Jamison, William Jr. On the solution of certain boundary value problems of heat conductionMaple
1962Jones, Douglas R.E,Linear measure and opaque setsSanderson
1962Link, DavidWeather probabilities affecting machine system capabilitiesMapleBockhop
1962Schmidt, DonaldEssential fixed pointsSanderson
1962Sims, BenjaminSome properties and generalizations of semi-metric spaceSanderson
1963Byrne, GeorgePseudo-runge-Kutta methods involving two points Lambert
1963Deckert, KennethSolutions for nonlinear diffusion equations with integral type boundary conditionsMaple
1963Hemmerle, WilliamThe logical structure of analysis of variance and its implementation on digital computersMapleHartley
1963Mordeson, John N.Coefficient integral domains in commutative algebrasVinograde
1963Muller, ElsiGenerating sets for uncleft algebrasVinograde
1963Muth, WayneEffect of pressure on the flammable limits of some hydocarbon-air mixtureBlackMaple
1963Robinson, ThomasMappings with small point-inversesSanderson
1963Sanderson, DonovanGalois completely primary ringsVinograde
1963Walling, DeraldNumerical methods of non-linear least square curve fittingLambert
1964Bueker, RobertExistence of almost periodic solutions of functional-differential equationsSeifert
1964Graber, LelandSome stability properties of linear operator equationsHomer
1964Lomen, DavidFinite deformation of elastic membranes with application to the stability of inflated sphereWeiss
1964Peterson, LeonardStability of solutions of non-linear diffusion problemsMaple
1964Rogge, ThomasNonlinear sloshingWeiss
1964Secrest, BruceThe propagation and growth of discontinuities in magnetogas-dynamics in the presence of finite conductivityWeiss
1964Waltman, WilliamTridiagonalization of an arbitrary square matrixLambert
1965Anderson, Gary LytleBaffling of fluid sloshing in cylindrical tanksWeiss
1965Boessenroth, TheodoreOn convergence-preserving integral transformationsWright
1965Jensen, JenLinear operator methods for ordinary differential equations which minimize truncation and propagated errorsLambert
1965Kemper, GeneSome results in delay-differential systemsSeifert
1965Rue, JamesSome stability properties of linear operator in Banach spacesHomer
1965Rutter, EdgarCharacterizations of quasi-Frobenius ringsT. Head
1966Bender, PhillipSome conditions for the existence of recurrent solutions to systems of ordinary differential equationsSeifert
1966Delaney, JamesMeet representations in upper continuous modular latticesLambert
1966Ecker, EdwinOn the embedding of a centerless group in its automorphism groupVinograde
1966Guenther, RaymondEndomorphic composites in the tensor productVinograde
1966Mahrous, MohamedMagnetohydrodynamic entrance region problem with heat transferWadhwa
1966Smith, KeithResults on the Lane integralWright
1966Tobey, MalcolmGeneralized mean valuesCarlsonSanderson
1966Wagner, WilliamOn increment modification in finite difference methods for solving ordinary differential equationsLambert
1966Washenberger, JamesPerturbation classes of operators on a linear topological spaceHomer
1967Irudayanaathan, AnthonyNear topology and nearly continuous functionsSanderson
1967Kopecky, KennethNonlinear sloshing in elliptical tanksWeiss
1967Riess, RonaldPower series eigenvalue analysisLambert
1967Simpson, DavidA numerical method of characteristics for solving hyperbolic partial differential equationsLambert
1967Zill, DennisElliptic integrals of the third kindCarlson
1968Clark, JohnAsymptotic stability in general systemsSeifert
1968Curtis, DouglasDeficiency and stability in infinite dimensional linear topology Sanderson
1968Haeder, PaulOn the zeros of solutions of elliptic partial differential equationsMaple
1968McCoy, RobertCells and cellularity in infinite-dimensional normed linear spacesSanderson
1968O’Brien, JosephStability and error analysis of linear multistep methodsLambert
1968Shoultz, WernerChains of minimal generating sets of inseparable fieldsVinograde
1968Sincovee, RichardNorm reduction algorithms for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrixLambert
1968Watson, JamesA numerical technique for solution of the linear second order elliptic equation in the planeMaple
1968Wineinger, ThomasSingular perturbation techniques and its application to a dynamic theroelastic problem LambertRogge
1968Winrich, LonnyAn explicit method for the numerical solution of a nonlinear diffusion equationMaple
1968Woodworth, WayneIntegrals over photo-ringsDyer
1969Baker, JamesGeneralized iterated limits and results on weighted integralsWright
1969Chang, Shang-WangEquilibrium points of non-zero-sum games and axiomatic derivation of decision criteriaVinogradeH. T. David
1969Eke, BonifaceStructure of inseparable compositesVinograde
1969Engquist, MichaelExistence of solutions for differential equations with multivalued right hand sideSeifert
1969Erisman, AlbertAn algorithm for eigenvectors of a non-hermitian matricesLambert
1969Haddix, GeorgeThe lattice of intermediate fields of a purely inseparable extension Vinograde
1969Johnson, WilliamOperator and dual operator bases in linear topological spacesDyer
1969Klasi, MelvinApplications and extensions of the weighted integralsWright
1969Rognlie, DaleGeneralized integral transformCarlson
1969Shive, Robert Jr.Existence theorems for the [psi] integralDyer
1969Strawn, GeorgeResults in polyadic group theoryPeakerBarnes

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1970Brink, JamesInequalities involving ||f||? and ||f||(n) qFink
1970Chewing, WilliamLocal infinite cohesion and connectivity functionsCornette (after the death of G.T. Whyburn of Univ. of Va)
1970Chuang, Pi-ChunDescription and error analysis of a rapidly converging norm reduction method for eigenvectorsLambert
1970Eltze, ErvinSome properties of [psi] integrationDryer
1970Oakland, DavidOrder relations and Boolean methods in general set theoryAbian
1970Sommer, CliveThe method of synergistic modelsAbian
1971Fischer, DarylDendritic spaces and order relationsSanderson
1971Girolo, JackFixed point theorem for non-continuous functionsCornette
1971Peters, GalenExtensions of algebraic theoriesPeakerVinograde
1971Saegrove, MarcusOn bitopological spacesMathews
1971Voss, DavidA spline shooting technique for two point boundary value problemsLambert
1971White, MichaelA class of projection methods for solving systems of n nonlinear equations in n unknowns allowing projections of order one through nKeller
1972Abbey, DuaneInterlacing and indecomposable modulesDickson
1972Lehman, BarbaraLocal connectedness cyclic element theory and arcwise connectedness in topological spacesCornette
1972Maehara, RyujiAn obstruction theory for fibre-preserving mapsCornetteGottlieb (Purdue U)
1972Nuefeld, RobertCellularity and negligibility in infinite-dimensional normed linear spacesSanderson
1972Pappenfuss, MarvinSuccessive approximations for two-point boundary value problemsHeimes
1972Riley, CharlesNegligibility in non-locally convex spacesSanderson
1972Wooten, DavidOn the completion of topological structures and the extension of associated mappingsSteiner
1973Dotseth, GregoryVolterra integral equations: admissibility results and the generic property of uniqueness of solutionsSeifert
1973Keller, KirbyQualitative behavior of intergrodifferential systems with applications in reactor dynamicsMiller
1973Lammers, ThomasResults on nontangential value distributions of functions meromorphic in a diskColwell
1974Harms, DenisA direct method based on projection for solving systemsKeller
1974Will, WalterBoundary value problems for second order systemsHeimes
1975Ling, Jan-NanChoice integrals, (LIR)-integrals, Gronwall inequalities and some results for the Stieltjes integralWright
1975Peterson, WilliamAn iterative method for Fredholm equations of the first kind Lambert
1975Ridolfo, AnthonyIteration matrices and convergence rates of projection methods Keller
1977Genalo, LawerenceOptimal and suboptimal numerical solutions to a class of optimal control problems with applications to sailplane dynamicsFinkPierson
1977Huang, Cheng-ChiNon-homogeneous Markov chains and their applicationsVinogradeIsaacson
1978Chang, Yen FookFlow invariance for delay differential equationsSeifert
1978Cooper, CurtisHigh order stiffley stable linear multistep methodsLambert
1978Cushman, JohnA Galerkin-projection linearized finite element model for non-linear diffusion in unsaturated porous-media flowsKellerKirkham

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1980Clifton, JosephComplete sets of orthogonal tableauxHentzel
1980Skar, SherwinStability of power systems and other systems of second order differential equationsMiller
1980Strasburger, MartinFamilies of stiffly stable Adams type linear multistep formulasLambert
1981Hayden, Robert W.A history of the “new Math” movement in the United StatesRudolph
1981Hickey, KevinThe numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of the first kindLuecke
1981Potter, Evelyn HattonMultivariate polyharmonic spline interpolationMadych
1982Eslami, EsfandiarGeneric fileters in partially ordered setsAbian
1982Gustafon, John Asymptotic formulas for elliptic integralsCarlson
1984DeAlba-Guerra, Luz MariaA characterization of semi-crosses products of finite-dimensional C* algebrasPeters
1984Hoeflin, DavidOscillations of nonlinear feedback systems which contain tightly coupled subsystems in cascadeMiller
1984Johnson, Jean ThomasErgodic properties of nonhomogeneous continuous-time Markov chainsIsaacsonLuecke
1984Krenz, GaryOn the stability in oscillations in a class of nonlinear feedback systems containing numerator dynamicsMiller
1984Smith, RonaldI. Circumspheres in Hilbert space, II. Automatic handling of finite-dimensional, nonassociative algebrasHentzel
1984Steiner, DonaldBijectional, generic, and permutation models of ZFAbian
1985Smith, RichardTheoretical and numerical studies of some ill-posed problems in partial differential equationsLevine
1985Vijitha-Kumara, KanakaVariable stepsize, variable order multistep methods for stiff ordinary differential equationsLambert
1986Buls, GaryConvergence and stability of variable-stepsize variable-formula multistep multiderivative methodsLambert
1986Dougherty, RobertDirect and inverse scattering of classical waves at oblique incidence to stratified media via invariant imbedding equationsCorones
1986Eltelt, ElsayedL [infinity sign] norm problem and mid-range polishFink
1986Keremedis, KyriakosForcing in set theory and its application to topologySanderson
1986Mousa, MohsenOn the stability analysis of hybrid composite dynamical systemsMiller
1987Abu-Kaff, TahaOscillation and nonoscillation of functional differential equationsDahiya
1987Chung, SeiyoungDual algorithm for L1 isotone optimization on a partially ordered setFink
1987Pennings, TimothyExtensions of dynamical systemsPeters
1987Schmidt, RobertThe numerical solution of linear first kind Fredholm integral equations using an iterative methodLuecke
1988Debnath, Joyati CharkrabortyN-dimensional Laplace transforms with associated transforms and boundary value problemsDahiya
1988Martin, AndrewTopology posets and an unramified symmetric model for set theoryAbian
1988Mehalia, AbdelghaniPainted network flows with weighted divergenceFink
1988Miliaras, GeorgeCardinal invariants and covering properties in topologySanderson
1988Mughrabi, TahsinMulti-dimensional Laplace transforms and applicationsDahiya
1988Nimmo, StevenAnticommutative derivation alternator ringsHentzel
1988Odoom, FrankTheorems on unilateral, bilateral multidimensional Laplace transforms with partial differential equationsDahiya
1988Tamraz, AbdullahBifurcation of periodic solutions of singularly perturbed delay differential equationsAlexander
1989Amin, Wael AhmadCompact posets and ramifiability of large cardinalsAbian
1989Anderson, Jeffrey RubenQualitative studies of a convective porous medium equation with a nonlinear forcing at the boundaryLevine
1989Babakhani, AliTheory of multidemsional Laplace transforms and applicationDahiya
1989Coyle, JamesThe numerical solution of differential-algebraic systems using Runge-Kutta methods of special typeAlexander
1989Fuh, Cheng-DerThe bootstrap method for Markov chainsAthreya
1989Park, Sang RoThe phenomenon of quenching in the presence of convectionLevine
1989Tantawy, AbdallaOscillation and nonoscillation of third order functional differential equationsDahiya

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1990Deng, KengThe asymptotic behavior of solutions of some linear initial-boundary value problems of parabolic typeLevine
1990Gaitan, BrenabdoAbout quasivarieties of p-algebras Wajsberg algebrasBergman
1990Vinayagamoorthy, ManickavasagarInversion of multi-dimensional Laplace transforms: analytical and numerical techniquesDahiya
1990Yun, Jae-HeonNumerical solution for the minimum solution to the first integral equation with a special kernel and efficient implementations of the Cholesky factorization algorithm on the vector and parallel supercomputersLuecke
1991Ho, Chao-PaoSecond order shadowing approximations for passage through resonance and capture at resonanceMurdock
1991Hsieh, Wei-HuaStudy of secondary structure of protein sequences by linear algebraCornette
1991Jones, KirkOn the preservation of Lipschitz classes under the Faber transformationJohnston, E.
1991Sun, ZhimingTime domain inverse source problem and fluid-saturated porous media scattering problemCorones
1991Tso, Tai-YihPseudo arc-length continuation method for multiple solutions in one dimensional steady state semiconductor device simulationAlexander
1991Xiaorong, ShenComtrans algebrasSmith, JDH
1992Fan, KaishengTopics in nonlinear filteringRudolph
1992Hummer, FrankLoop transversal codesSmith, JDH
1992Jayawardena, K.S.A solution method to a new class of inverse spectral problemsSacks
1992Medepalli, AnandThe assignment problem in distributed computingColwellFernandez-Baca
1992Phillips, Jon Jr. Combinational triality and representation theorySmith, JDH
1992Zafer, AgacikOscillatory properties of solutions of functional differential equations and difference equationDahiya
1993Bondari, SiamaackConstructing the identities and the central identities of degree < 9 of the n by n matricesSmith, JDH
1993Fuad, TengkuQuasigroups, right quasigroups, coverings, and representationSmith, JDH
1993Haliloglu, EnginBounds for faber coefficients of functions univalent in a ellipseJohnston, E.
1993Hobart, MichaelVector latticesSmith, JDH
1993Joseph, ElizabethStability radii of two dimensional bilinear systems: Lyapunov exponent approachKliemann
1993Maheswaran, ThiagarajaRecovery of a one dimensional impedance profile from transmission dataSacks
1993Ray, TimothyModeling of surface reactionsEvans
1993Saberi-Nadjafi, Jafar N-dimensional Laplace transformations and their application in partial differential equationsDahiya
1993Sriskandarajah, K. Global bifucation of a sinusoidally forced Duffing’s equationSmiley
1993Thur, LoisSubgradients of algebraically convex functions: a Galois connection relating convex sets and subgradients of convex functionsSmith, JDH
1993Uda, YoshitakeFujita type global existence-global nonexistence theorems for weakly coupled systems of reaction-diffusion equationsLevine
1993Wang, L.CThe conditions for the uniform validly of three tie scale approximation on a very long intervalMurdock
1994Diesslin, BrendaStudy of directionally solidified eutectics with emphasis on oscillator instabilitiesGrayhackHeimes
1994O’Donnell, BrianNonlinear filtering of stochastic dynamical systemsGogginKliemann
1994Palasinska, KatarzynaDeductive systems and finite axiomatization propertiesPigozzi
1994Vidyashankar, AnandLarge deviation results for branching processes in fixed random environmentsAthreya
1995Kang, Hye-JeongLimit theorems for branching Markov processesAthreya
1995Wang, RongModulation of (gamma)-aminobutytric acis (GABA) type A receptor-medicated responses in spinal doral horn neurons by {mu}-opioid Recepto agonist and Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase and Monte Carlo simulation of the GABAergic synaptic transmission Cornette
1996Hsu, Feng-LuanCoding theory and discrete transformKliemann
1996Kwon, Soon-GeolHigh accuracy wavelet-Galerkin methodsKeinert
1996Lai, Reuy GangPractical feedback stabilization of nonlinear control systems and applicationsKliemann
1996Lin, ShanAnalysis an synthesis of nonlinear control systemsKliemann
1996Ou, Chung-MingGlobal aspects of control system: perspectives from control Lyapunov functionsKliemann
1996Reich, PamelaComplex algebras of semigroupsBergman
1997Buske, DaleHilbert modules over semi crossed products of the disk algebraPeters
1997Peters, GeorgeOscillatory solutions on conservation laws related to nonexistence of weak self-similar Riemann surfacesCanic
1998Choi, Dug-HwanSupport functions of convex sunsets of a finite dimensional real spaceSmith, JDH
1998Voutsadakis, GeorgeCategorical abstract algebraic logicPigozzi
1998Wang, HualinFeedback stabilization of bilinear control systemsKliemann
1998Wojdylo, JerzyRelation algebras and vertex conditions in graph theorySmith, JDH
1999Chun, ChangbumError estimates for the bifurcation function for semilinear elliptic boundary value problemsSmiley
1999James, EdnaStochastic models for surface adsorption and reaction processesEvans
1999Mills, MarkThe intersection of some classical equivalence classes of matricesCain

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2000Baccam, Prasith (Sid)Genetic variation and evolution of equine infectious anemia virus rev quasispecies during long term persistent infectionCornette
2000Pamuk, SerdalTwo dimensional models of tumor angiogenesisLevine
2000Thompson, HeatherInvestigating and representing inquiry in college Mathematics courseKeller
2001Dai, Jack JieSome results in probability and theoretical computer scienceAthreya
2001Lee, JeehyunOptimization-based domain decomposition methods for multidisciplinary simulationGunzburger
2001Majumdar, RuchiraOn relationships between the Lypanov spectrum and the Morse spectrumKliemann
2001Vojtechovsky, PetrFinite sample moufang loopsSmith, JDH
2002Becker, JoyComputational complexity of digraph decomposition and the congruence extension property of algebrasBergman
2002Choi, Ji YoungMulti-restricted numbers and powers of permutation representationsSmith, JDH
2002Chrysafinos, KonstantinosAnalysis and finite element approximation of parabolic saddle point problems and applications to controlGunzburger
2002Ju, LiliProbabilistic and parallel algorithms for centroidal Voroni tessalations with application to meshless computing and analysis on surfacesGunzburger
2002Zhu, WenxiangModelling, analysis, numerical approximations of the forced Fisher’s equation and related control problemsGunzburgerHou
2003Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws: incorporating multi-resolution viscosity methods into finite element frameworkGunzburger
2003Candan, TuncayOscillation behavior of Higher Order Functional Differential Equations with distributed deviating argumentsDahiya
2003Kwon, Hee-DaeAnalysis and Approximation of Terminal-State Tracking Optimal Control Problems and Controllability Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential EquationsHouGunzburger
2003Malonza, DavidNormal Forms for Couples Takens-Bogdanov SystemsMurdock
2003Zerr, RyanPartial dynamical systems and AF C*-algebrasPeters
2004Babyonyshev, SergeiMetatheories of Deductive SystemsPigozziBergman
2004Bhatt, Gyan ShyamNonseparable multivariate waveletsKeinert
2004Kivunge, Benard MuthianiSedenion Extension Loops and Frames of Hypercomplex 2n-onsSmith, JHD
2004Mutungi, Patrick MugoSimple Ternary Complex Grassmann AlgebrasSmith, JHD
2004Yang, Sung-DaeShooting Methods for Numerical Solutions of Control Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDE’sHou
2005Aydinyan, RubenLoop transversal codes over finite ringsSmith, JDH
2005Campbell, JessieEnumeration and symmetry of edit spacesAshlock
2005Cui, FengDistance-based NMR structure determination and refinementWu, Z.Jernigan
2005Kim, Eun-YounAnalysis of Game Playing Agents with FingerprintsAshlock
2005Kim, JoohyungClassification of small class association schemes coming from certain combinatorial objectsSongLong
2005Maxwell, MandiAlmost perfect nonlinear functions and related combinatorial structuresSongBergman
2005Rajaram, RajeevExact boundary controllability results for sandwich beam systemsHansen
2005Wangsness, AmyThe matrix completion problem regarding various classes of PO,1-matricesHogben
2006Alm, JeremyWeak representation theory in the calculus of relationsMaddux
2006Chepkwony, IsaacAnalysis and control theory of some cochlear modelsHansen
2006Gunaratne, AjithA penalty function method for constrained molecular dynamicsWu, Z.
2006Meyer, Kristen AnnA new message authentication code based on the non-associativity of quasigroupsBergman
2006Schonfeld, JustinA modular data analysis pipeline for the discovery of novel RNA motifsAshlockVoytas
2006Wu, DiDistance-based protein structure modelingWu, Z.Jernigan
2007Chung, Key OneWeak homomorphisms of coalgebrasSmith, JDH
2007Fiedler, JamesGreco-Latin Squares as BijectionsSmith, JDH
2007Meng, QiangTopics in Pricing American-type ContractsWeerasinghe
2007Rice, TheodoreGreedy Quasigroups and Greedy Algebras with Applications to Combinatorial GamesSmith, JDH
2007Vedell, Peter ThomasBoundary value approaches to molecular dynamics simulationWu, Z.
2008Ahmed, HaseenaHigh-resolution alternating evolution schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equationsLiu
2008Bhattacharyya, GargiTerwilliger algebras of wreath products of association schemesSong
2008Dagli, MehmetLie algebra decompositions with applications to quantum dynamicsD’AlessandroSmith
2008Drignei, Mihaela-CristinaInverse Sturm-Kiouville Problems using Multiple SpectraSacks
2008Halverson, MatthewAsymptotic behavior of the solutions to a family of PDE’s arising from the chemotaxis equations of Keller and SegalLevineJohnston
2008Lee, Jangwoon (Leo)Analysis and finite element approximations of stochastic optimal control problems constrained by stochastic elliptic partial differential equationsHou
2008Mikkelson, RanaMinimum rank of graphs that allow loopsHogben
2008Shin, JaeminInverse scattering problems for first-order systemsSacks
2008Wang, Zhongming (Eric)Development of level set methods for computing semi-classical limit in Schrodinger equations with various potentialsLiu
2008Xie, XiaoliangLarge time-stepping methods for higher order time-dependent evolution equationsLiu
2008Xu, YingModeling and direct numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flowsLueckeSubramaniam
2009Allen, AaronStability results for damped multilayer composite beams and platesHansen
2009Alturk, AhmetBoundary functions for wavelets and their properties Keinert
2009Guo. XiaofangGeneric two-phase coexistence in quadratic contact process Evans
2009Kurth, Chris AllenModular Forms and modular symbols for noncongruence groupsLong
2009Ming, JuOptimal control of stochastic flowHou
2009Pryporova, OlgaTypes of convergences of matricesHogben

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2010Cheng, Yi-LinOn Hopf algebras of dimension 4pNg
2010Hilgemann, MichaelOn finite-dimensional Hopf algebras and their classifications Ng
2010Howk, Cory LeeA mathematical model for IL6-induced differentiation of neural progenitor cells on a micropatterned polymer substrateLevineSmiley
2010Kleiman, ElizabethHigh performance computing techniques for attacking reduced version of AES using XL and XSL methods BergmanFernandez-Baca
2010Kontogiannis, DimitriosHomogenization problems in random media SethuramanLiberman
2010Manske, JacobColoring and extremal problems in combinatorics Axenovich
2010Miranda-Mendoza, FernandoAn option-theoretic valuation model for residential mortgages with stochastic conditions and discount factors Hou
2010Seo, Yeon-JungMathematical Analysis of Multiple Target SALEXLevineNilsen-Hamilton
2010Sit, AtillaSolving distance geometry problems for protein structure determinationWu, Z
2010Wells, AndrewZorn Vector Matrices over commutative rings and loops arising from their constructionSmith, JDH
2010Zhou, WenMathematical modeling of MHC Class II immune response in tissues SuSacks, Paul
2011Choi, JihyeokProblems in graph theory and probabilityAxenovichSethuraman
2011Hong, Jyy-ICoalescence in Bellman-Harris and Multi-type branching processes Athreya
2011Liu, SijiaNovel data clustering methods and applicationsMatzavinos
2011Row, Darren DanielZero forcing number: Results for computation and comparison with other graph parametersHogben
2011Stanton, Brendon MichaelOn Vertex Identifying Codes for Infinite LatticesMartin
2012Al-Sa’Di, Sa’udSampling and interpolation in Hilbert spaces of entire functionsWeberPeters
2012Bickner, DevinOn normal networksWillson
2012Hwang, SukjungHolder regularity of solutions of generalized p-Laplacian type parabolic equationsLieberman
2012Khemphet, AnchaleeThe Jacobson radical of semicrossed products of the disk algebraPeters
2012Kramer, DominicBasis Identification through Convex OptimizationWeber
2012Lastrina, MichelleList-coloring and sum-list-coloring problems on graphsAxenovich
2012Li, ZhenStochastic homogenization of elliptic equation and optimal controlHou
2012McKay, TracyThe edit distance function for graphs: an exploration of the case of forbidden induced K_{2,t} and other questionsMartin
2012Olmez, OktayOn highly regular digraphsSong
2012Ozer, A. OzkanExact boundary controllability and feedback stabilization for a multi-layer Rao-Nakra beamHansen
2012Park, Jun KooOn coarse-grained normal mode analysis and refined Gaussian network model for protein structure fluctuationsWu, Z
2012Peters, TravisPositive semidefinite maximum nullity and zero forcing numberHogben
2012Rastegar, RezaTopics in self-interacting random walksRoitershteinGhosh
2012Smith, JasonInduced saturation numberMartin
2012Stines, ElijahAbelian qo-groups and atomic pseudo-valuation domainsSmith, JDH
2012Vidden, ChadThe direct discontinuous Galerkin Method with symmetric structure for diffusion problems.Yan
2012Ylvisaker, AndrewA formalization of logic in diagonal-free cylindric algebrasMaddux
2013Aydogmus, OzgurNon-local interactions in spatial evolutionary gamesWu
2013Basnet, ManOn modi ed `-one minimization problems in compressed sensingKeinertVaswani
2013Failing, DavidCommutative, idempotent groupoids and the constraint satisfaction problemBergman
2013Hao, YipingComputation and analysis of evolutionary game dynamicsWu
2013Huang, YuanyuanStatistical summary of protein structuresWuJernigan
2013Osborne, StevenCospectral bipartite graphs for the normalized LaplacianButlerHogben
2013Pryporov, MaksymGaussian beam methods for the Schrodinger equation with periodic potentials and strictly hyperbolic systemsLiu
2013Seol, YoungsooRandom walks in a sparse random environmentRoitershtein
2013Tang, ChunquanMixed boundary value problems for quasilinear elliptic equationsLieberman
2013Timms, GeoffHaemers’ minimum rankHogben
2013Wang, Chi-JenAnalysis of discrete reaction-diffusioin equations for autocatalysis and continuum diffusion equations for transportEvans
2013Wang, JingModeling of the interplay between single-file diffusion and conversion reaction in mesoporous systemsEvans
2013Yu, HuiOn entropy satisfying and maximum-principle-satisfying high-order methods for Fokker-Planck equationsLiu
2014Albashrawi, Saleh A.Second order characteristic based schemes for chemotaxis systemSmiley, Michael
2014Erickson, Craig JeremySign patterns that require eventual exponential nonnegativityHogben, Leslie
2014Johnson, Ryan TimothyThe Frobenius-Schur indicator of Tambara-Yamagami categoriesBasak, Tathagata
2014Kramer, LucasOn diamond-free subposets of the Boolean lattice: An application of flag algebrasMartin, Ryan
2014Lee, YongkiThreshold dynamics in hyperbolic partial differential equationsLiu, Hailiang
2014Orizaga, SauloOn the nonlinear regime of electrically induced viscous jets with finite conductivityHou, Steven
2014Warnberg, Nathan JoelPositive semidefinite propagation timeHogben, Leslie
2015Ayers, Kimberly DanielleGraoh determined symbolic dynamics and hybrid systemsKliemann, Wolfgang
2015Ekstrand, JasonPositivity in function algebrasPeters, Justin
2015Kingsley, Nicole F.Skew propagation timeHogben, Leslie
2015Martinez, Jose de JesusModeling and controllability of a heat equation with a point massHansen, Scott
2015Nowak, Kathleen ElizabethPartial geometric designs and difference familiesSong, Sung
2015Palmowski, Kevin FrancisA fractional approach to minimum rank and zero forcingHogben, Leslie
2015Roat, Jolie DiannaOn 8p-dimensional Hopf algebras with the Chevalley propertyNg, Siu-Hung
2015Wang, MinMathematical and statistical models in evolutionary game theoryWu, ZhijunDorman, Karin
2015Zheng, YunAsset Pricing Based on Stochastic Delay Differential EquationsWu, HuaiqingHou, L. Steven
2016Berikkyzy, ZhanarThe edit distance function: Forbidding induced powers of cycles and other questionsMartin, Ryan
2016Herr, John EdwardFourier series for singular measures and the Kaczmarz algorithmWeber, Eric
2016Hogenson, Kirsten AnnRandom and deterministic versions of extremal poset problemsMartin, Ryan
2016Sanyatit, PreechayaIsomorphism of uniform algebras on the 2-torusPeters, Justin
2016Voller, Zachary D.Limit theorems for persistent random walks in cookie environmentsRoiterchtein, Alex
2017Dagtoros, KubilayLarge deviation results for random walks in a sparse random environmentGhosh, ArkaRoitershtein, Alex
2017Goertz, Jeremiah JoelReflection group diagrams for a sequence of Gaussian Lorentzian latticesBasak, Tathagata
2017Heysse, KristinConstructions for cospectral graphs for the normalized Laplacian matrix and distance matrixButler, Steve
2017Hotchkiss, Calvin FrancisFourier bases on the skewed Sierpinski gasketWeber, Eric
2017Huang, KeguoTopics in queueing theoryGhosh, Arka
2017Lin, Chin-HungVariants of zero forcing and their applications to the minimum rank problemHogben, LeslieButler, Steve
2017Martinez-Rivera, XavierPrincipal rank characteristic sequencesHogben, Leslie
2017Moss, KevinColoring problems in graph theoryLidicky, BernardButler, Steve
2017Noren, Steven RonaldTopics in self-interacting random walksGhosh, ArkaRoitershtein, Alex
2017Rasberry, Darrin ThomasOn minimal support solutions of underdetermined systems of linear equationsHentzel, IrivnSong, Sung
2017Wang, FeifeiComputational modeling of impact and deformationJia, Yan-BinHansen, Scott
2017Wang, Stefanie GraceOn free quasigroups and quasigroup representationsSmith, Jonathan D. H.
2018Anderson-Lee, JuliaA continuum approach to modeling the vibrations within a block subjected to free rockingHansen, ScottSritharan, Sivalingam
2018Dairyko, MichaelOn exponential domination of graphsYoung, MichaelHogben, Leslie
2018Messerschmidt, KacyColoring problems in graph theoryLidicky, Bernard
2018Quinones, Leoncio RodriguezDirect and inverse problems for a Schrodinger-Steklov eigenproblem on different domains and spectral geometry for the first normalized Steklov eigenvalue on domains with one holeNguyen, X. HienSacks, Paul
2018Walker, ShaniseProblems in extremal graphs and poset theoryMartin, Ryan
2018Zhou, SenEstimation of the risk-neutral density function from option pricesHou, Steven
2019Sheller, Benjamin AdamSymmetry reduction in K-P problemsD’Alessandro, Domenico

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2020Biswas, AnimeshRegularity theory for nonlocal space-time master equationsStinga
2020Harding, Steven NathanApplications of harmonic analysis to topics in data scienceWeber
2020Jacobs, Matthew AaronAsymptotic solutions for high frequency Helmohltz equationsLuo
2020Lucas, Daniel MarkConditions for the existence of quantum error correction codesPoon
2020Maimaitiyiming, WumaierPositive and energy stable schemes for Poisson-Nernst-PlanckLiu
2020Reinders, StephanieStatistical methods for digital image forensics: Algorithm mismatch for blind spatial steganalysis and score-based likelihood ratios for camera device identificationNewman
2020Vaughan, Mary ColleenAnalysis of nonlocal equations: One-sided weighted fractional Sobolev spaces and Harnack inequality for fractional nondivergence form elliptic equationsStinga
2021Alameda, JosephVariations of zero forcing and power dominationYoung
2021Kritschgau, Juergen DesmondAnti-Ramsey problems on groups and graphsYoung
2021Lorenzen, KateCospectral constructions and spectral properties of variations of the distance matrixButler
2021Murphy Kyle EdingerTuran problems in extremal graph theory and flexibilityLidicky
2021Riasanovsky, Alex NealTwo problems in etxremal combinatoricsMartin, R.
2021Reinhart, CarolynThe distance matrix and its variants for graphs and digraphsHogben
2021Sutton, Nyle AlexanderSpectral properties of hermitian-preserving maps, generalized matricial ranges, and positive definitenessPoon

Master Thesis

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1950Chappell, WilliamBiharmonic problems satisfying Navier’s boundary conditionsLangenhop
1950Hunzeker, HubertCenters of forces of attraction for certain geometrical bodiesThielman
1950Johnson, GordonConduction of heat through composite wallsGaskill
1950Klein, WilliamThe method of characteristics for one-dimensional flow with heat additionFooteHoll
1950Mills, HarlanConstant rank matricesVinograde
1950Royer, Ruth LaVernePartial symmetry of linear transformationVinograde
1951Brandt, AlbertThe use of matrix notation for transfer functions of physical systemsGaskill
1951Stoner, WilliamRouche’s theorem and applicationsHinrichsen
1952Klippenstein, DonaldNormal families of functionHinrichsen
1953Johnson, RichardLoxodromic transformations of the complex planeHinrichsen
1954Goering, OrvilleGeneral solutions of a certain hyperbolic partial differential equationMaple
1954Unke, WillisFunctions with natural boundariesHinrichsen
1955Beck, StephenStructural stability of rectangular platesWeiss
1955Belscamper, RobertSingular integral equations of a type occurring in seismologyThielman
1955Cleary, RichardApplication of Legendre transforms to some boundary value problems Maple
1955Grosch, CharlesReaction of smooth curves and surfaces in the dynamics of a particleLangenhop
1955McHaffey, RonaldDecomposition of scalar extensionsVinograde
1955Poorman, AlanA linear diffusion problemMaple
1955Schmidt, DonaldGeneralized Abel’s integral equationThielman
1956Kodres, UnoExamples in point set topologyMaddux
1956Krehbel, JesseSolutions of quasi-linear hyperbolic partial differential equationsThielman
1957Goodwin, JamesA least squares approximation Hinrichsen
1957Matthews, JeroldIrrational canonical matricesVinograde
1957Trafton, ClarkAn extension of Hensel’s lemmar to topological modulesVinpgrade
1958Bray, HenryFunctional equations of the Cauchy TypeThielman
1958Brink, Nellie JeanEquations of plane geometrical curves in a conjugate coordinate systemsMaple
1958Deckert, KennethThe Laplace transform and convolutionMaple
1958Fink, ArlingtonDependence relations and differential field extensionsLindstrom
1958James, DonaldParametric representations of simply connected closed surfacesSeifert
1958Melton, GeorgeSource and solution of eigenvalue problemsMaple
1958Miller, JohnMaxima of functionsThielman
1958Robinson, ThomasRiemann integration on subspaces of the real lineSanderson
1959Anderson, RonaldFinite integral transformsMaple
1959Andrew, DavidHierarchies and equivalences of topological propertiesSanderson
1959Sutherland, WilliamIntegral transforms and the potential equationWeiss
1959Wagner, Michael WilliamOn periodic solutions of the differential equation Σan Y =f where f is periodicLangenhop
1959Zechmann, AlbertTorsion problems for anisotropic mediaWeiss

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1960Bueker, RobertAn explicit formulae for some continuous probability distributionsLangenhop
1960Goemaat, MurrayAn iteration technique for arbitrary accurate matrix inversionLambert
1960McNeley, JohnPrincipal ideal domainsPeglar
1960Walkup, DavidGroupoids with fields of operatorsPeglar
1961Anderson, Gary Integral transforms and boundary value problemsWeiss
1961Byrne, GeorgeA modified Runge-Kutta solution of ordinary differential equationsLambert
1961Crane, RogerExtended stable predictor-corrector methods for ordinary differential equationsLambert
1961Millham, CharlesGames related to stochastic linear programsTintner
1961Mordeson, JohnNumber theory of the Gaussian integersVinograde
1961Richardson, WilliamNumber theory of the Gaussian integersVinograde
1961Rogge, ThomasA thin cylindrical shell problemWeiss
1961Sanderson, DonovanOn the construction of measurable setsRuchte
1961Van Wyk, RodneyChanging step size and stability properties of multi-point numerical integration formulasLambert
1961Walling, DeraldLeast square approximation solution of the two point boundary problemLambert
1962Arendt, BillBounds for the number of non-isomorphic groups of a given orderVinograde
1962Huehn, KemptonAn expression for the Newtonian gravitational potential of an oblate spheroidMaple
1962Kopecky, KennethThe plane problem of elasticity for the semi-circleWeiss
1962Lomen, DavidApplication of the Mellin transform to boundary value problemsWeiss
1962McGarth, FrancisSet properties induced by subsets of lesser cardinalitySanderson
1962Mundt, Margaret FuchsExtended two point Runga-Kutta type solution of ordinary differential equationsLambert
1962Parker, ArleyThe response of a vibrating system to several time dependent frequency excitationsWeiss
1962Secrest, BruceSolutions of Laplace’s equation in terms of parabolic cylinder functionsWeiss
1962Taucci, Enes BarbaraCondition numbers of certain matricesCheney
1962VanDoren, JamesInterlaced Markov chainsGilbert
1963Babayan, RubenOn the Cartan-Brauer-Hua theoremVinograde
1963Christenson, IrvinAccessibility of polygonal boundariesCornette
1963Feiner, HenriThe Pade’ technique applied to orthogonal polynomial systems and Fourier seriesVinograde
1963Guenther, RaymondRadicals of ringsPeglarVinograde
1963Hauenstein, Mary ThompsonOn the length function and the Young sigma integralWright
1963Niebel, HaroldProductive properties of topological spacesCornette
1963Simpson, DavidRoots of polynomials by a companion matrix methodLambert
1963Streeter, Tommy A biquadratic fieldPeglar
1963Tobey, MalcolmConvex functions Carlson
1963Winkelman, CarlEvaluation of inverse integral transforms without contour integrationMaple
1964Adolphson, RobertInequalities for animodal probability distributionsGilbert
1964Boe, WarrenGroups with a distributive subgroup latticeHead
1964Hamilton, JonUniqueness of the norm topology in Banach algebrasVinograde
1964Shih-Chi Kuo, MariaOn the existence of the weighted Stieltjes mean sigma integralWright
1964Sorenson, NancyThe young sigma in two dimensionsWright
1964Yang, HongA solution of a plate problem by the use of the five-point matrix difference equationsWeiss
1964Zill, DennisApplications of two-dimensional Laplace transformsWeiss
1965Foley, RobertCharacteristics of absolute retractsSanderson
1965Janikowski, CletusOn the degree of approximation of a function by trigonometric polynomialsMeany
1965Kruger, RichardA normable family of continuous linear operators in a locally convex linear topological spaceHomer
1965Krummel, LarryDetermination of the irreducible submatrices of a matrix by compression of its associated graphLambert
1965Ledet, MadsSome characteristics of semi-metrizable spacesSanderson
1965Nellis, WilliamTables of elliptic integralsCarlson
1965Norman, PhyllisA prime-generating sievePeglar
1965Norris, ThomasThe Hermite transformWeiss
1965Ohuche, RomanusThe choice of suitable coefficients for stable predictor-corrector methods for ordinary differential equations.Lambert
1965Platt, CraigPolynomial structures of universal algebrasAnderson
1965Reiss, RonaldEquality of matrix norms and spectral radiusLambert
1965Revell, DarleneEvaluation of Fourier-Legendre coefficientsWeiss
1965Vukovic, PhillipConvergence in partially ordered setsMathews
1966Anderson, RobertOn order convergenceMathews
1966Buck, DennisOn a class of almost periodic functionsSeifert
1966Curtis, DouglasUniformities for pairs of spacesMathews
1966Girolo, JackConnectivity retracts on K-coherent Peano continuaCornette
1966Rule, RobertDetermination of class field numberPeglar
1966Wineinger, ThomasLinear time dependent fluid flow problems by the methods of separation of variablesWadhwa
1966Workman, DavidA generating system for the additive group of the ring of endomorphism of an Abelian groupAnderson
1967Brink, JamesTwo point boundary problems for ordinary linear differential equationsLambert
1967Erisman, AlbertEigenvectors of general complex matrix by norm reductionLambert
1967McLain, DonaldStability of a linear multistep algorithm for the solution of a system of differential equationsLambert
1967Ruby, AlbertGroups with finite classics of conjugate elementsGregorac
1967Sincovee, RichardPrecise eigenvector basis for a symmetric matrixLambert
1967Stacy, Karen LietzOn the Hausdorff hyperspace of a compact metric spaceCornette
1967Stansberry, RichardPolyadics and physical components of tensorsWadhwa
1968DeGarmo, LyleOn classifying reduced residue systemsPeake
1968Fisher, DarylTopologies on point closuresSanderson
1968Hansen, DuwayneMinimization of a linear system using pseudo-boolean techniquesLambert
1968Mohling, MarilynA preliminary investigation of finite complex planesSprague
1968Saegrove, MarcusCompleteness in Moore spacesMathews
1968Schobert, LindaHerditary and inductive properties of topological spacesCornette
1968Voss, DavidSolutions of nonlinear equations by differentiation and integrationLambert
1968Webb, Norman Transient flow in elliptical tubes with prescribed dischargeLambert
1969Bartels, LarryDetermination of property A for certain matricesKeller
1969Engquist, MarciaCovering spaces for surfacesSanderson
1969Grooms, RonaldPeake
1969Kennebeck, DeanPeglar
1969Kockler, LoisPeglar
1969Selim, M. Sami Mathews
1969Szozrc, WilliamPeglar
1969Yip, ElizabethPeglar
1969Young, Chae Kyu

[table “” not found /]

YearNameTitleFirst Major Professor
1970Harms, DennisFour theorems of M. H. Stone in the context of noolean algebraDyer
1970Lammers, Thomas Kegley
1970White, Michael Keller
1971Anderson, David Cornette
1971Bogda, RichardOn summability methods for sequences and series of complex numbers and their inter-relationshipsWright
1971Keller, KirbyFundamental solutions for partial differential equationsColwell
1971Martin, RoyDyer
1971Richardson, PaulOn integral transforms of quasi-continuous functionsDyer
1972Andonikou, AnastasiosSome properties of the Weierstrass integralWright
1972Bertram, Barbara Smith Abian
1972Wellendorf, DavidFixed points theorems and some of their applications to analysisDyer
1973Bambenek, Theodore Arganbright
1973Friedrich, Duane Lambert
1973Kwinn, Kathryn Yuhas Abian
1973Schmittling, GordonA few important results of the Riemann sphereWright
1973Strasburger, MartinLambert
1973Vardeman, StephanA characterization of the simply-connected 2-2 manifoldsTondra
1974Genalo, LawerenceOn Green’s functions and their use in the solution of certaib boundary value problemsColwell
1974Hauser, AndrewTitchmarsh’s theoremColwell
1974Jacquin, ElaineLuecke
1974Kruger, JamesOn diagonally dominant systemsFink
1974Lang, Robert Abian
1974Legrand, MarkAbian
1974Tabor, Wayne Steiner
1974Williamson, MarkWright
1974Witmore, NormanOn flows in networksHeimes
1975Bin Md Tap, Abu OsmanFixed points theorems in metric spacesCornette
1975Cramer, Walter Jr.Numerical tests for hexachordal combinatorialityKegley
1975Hallman, LeoAbian
1975Kunz, Timothy Modifications of a preprocessing algorithm for character recognition Dyer
1975Mohamed-Murid, Ali HassanNumerical computation of some complete elliptic integrals of the first and second kindsCarlson
1975Mowrey, DanielWright
1976Bambenek, TheodoreProperties of Q W (X, ) spacesDyer
1976Cooper, CurtisLambert
1976Cushman, JohnSolute travel time to wells for several practical casesColwell/Kirkham
1976Kammin, Tamara EgglandHentzel
1976McCarty, DavidSteiner
1976Opoien, JamesAbian
1976Poduska, FrankSanderson
1976Pothoven, KeithGeneralized stiffly stable methods of fourth orderLambert
1977Gray, TimothyReproducing kernels for simply connect ed domains Colwell
1977Hickey, KevinThe spectral theorem for self-adjoint operators on Hilbert spaceLuecke
1977Knutson, JeffreyPick functions, monotone matrix functions, and analytic continuationColwell
1977Schmitz, JudithKeller
1978Joe, LillianStiffly stable non-B.F.D, linear multistep methods and their Nordseick representationLambert
1978Potter, EvelynWright
1978Smith, RonaldIntegral representation of the symmetric group SnHentzel
1978Steiner, DonaldSeifert
1978VanLoon, TimothyZalcman’s formulation of a principle for normal families of functions.Colwell
1979Sherwood, MarianCain

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
1980Ambuehl, DennisControlling the error in stiff differential equations by automatically changing the step size and orderLambert
1980DeAlba-Guerra, Luz MariaBaire category of some classes of holomorphic functionsColwell
1980Gustafon, JohnSome results concerning strictly totally positive functionsCarlson
1980O’Donnell, BrianMinimization by coordinate descentMadych
1981Blackford, LeslieSome techniques for the summing of convergent infinite seriesColwell
1981Buls, GaryError testing and the automatic stepsize and order changing in a stiff differential equation solverLambert
1981Hoeflin, DavidAn investigation of Hilbert algebrasPeters
1981Richardson, StevenInterpolation using multiplicitiesCornette
1981Schmidt, RobertGeneralized angles of rotation for normal operatorsLambert
1981Thomas, StephanLow level complexity problems of parallel turing machinesPeake
1982Harvestor, RobertThe Moore-Penrose inverse of operator productsLuecke
1983Abbas, MohammedAnalysis of surfaces with one endTondra
1983Asiry, Mansour Ali A. Jacobian approximation for numerical solutions of nonlinear systems of equationLambert
1983Motoyama, TetsuorMeasurement and numerical data analysis in social scienceMathews
1983Odoom, FrankUse of Hermite interpolation in an ordinary differential equation solverAlexander
1984Abu-Kaff, TahaElliptic functions introduced via basic hypergeometric seriesWilson
1984Francis, JamesLuecke
1984Smith, RichardA survey of vector orthogonalization techniques with numerical experimentsLuecke
1984Wong, Peter Sze-YanConjugate inequalities for functions and their derivativesFink
1985Charkraborty, JoyatiResults on ascending and descending chai conditions in ringsHogben
1985Chung, SeiyoungOn the geometric proof of linear programming theoremsFink
1985Egwurube, MichaelTheorems and applications of two dimensional Laplace transformsDahiya
1985Evers, ThomasLevins
1985Mordeson, John H. The recruitman problemFink
1985Phillips, JosephA computer implementation of the schwarz-Christoffel transformJohnston
1985Shieh, Lih-JiuanMarginal values of linear programmingFink
1986Garg, AlokLambert
1986Hsieh, Wei-HuaMonotone Newton’s methodFink
1986Jowhar, Ishkan HirajNumerical solutions of operational calculus in two variables involving hypergeometric functionsDahiva
1986Karabatos, MaryAn analysis of the braid group and its significance in link theory Tondra
1986Lukens, Joyce BeckmanVarities of groupsBergman
1986Marston, HollyAlexander
1986Mughrabi, TahsinThe self dual algorithm for linear programsFink
1986Nimmo, StevenGroup RingsSmith
1986TenHoeve, Linda MillerA numerical method for the location and classification of plane critical pointsAlexander
1986Youn, Jung HwaA traveling salesman problemFink
1987Axtell, JohnA numerical study of the derivatives of solutions of the wave equation with a singular forcing term at quenching Levine
1987Fuad, Teng Ku SimonthyAlgebra of knot theorySmith
1987Graves, KathrynLinear transformations on matricesCain
1987Gross, MarkCorones
1987Haberman, StevenLambert
1987Hummer, FrankSteiner
1987Revathi, TiruvadiSwitching techques for stiff/non-stiff systems of ordinary differential equationsLambert
1987Sarmah, PurandarSome basic principles of ergodic theoryPeters
1987Shen, XiaorongNormal Matrices: the proofs for 39 conditions on a n-by-n matrixFink
1987Sriskandarajah, K. Nonlinear resonant tread interactions in boundary layerSachs
1987Tso, Tai-YihInterval analysis on linear equations with interval coefficientsFink
1988Dong, JianConditions on ∑ pi f (Xi) >0 and majorizationFink
1988Haliloglu, EnginThree dimensional inverse Laplace transforms and applicationDahiya
1988Hsueh, Hsin-SinNumerical experiments with vector orthogonalization methodsLuecke
1988Medepalli, AnandAn alternate algorithm to solve the sharing problemFink
1988Philippou, NicosNumerical solutions of multidimensional inverse Laplace transformDahiva
1988Qui, XuehuangThe numerical stability of solutions of the liver cell-type equationFink
1988Raja-Rome, Raja Islander BinLambert
1988Shenoy, ShivanandThe use of a variable switching parameter and its effect on LSODALambert
1988Smith, LauraGalois theoryBergman
1988Thiesse, NathanCorones
1988Yuan, ZhongshengOptimal control in liver kinetics for the unimodular case and numerical experiments on the theoretical resultsFink
1989Bondari, SiamackVarieties of Jordan admissible rings where the McCrimmon radical is an idealHentzel
1989Desirazu, NarendaMurdock
1989Hansen, Gale KrugerResonant periodic solutions of certain nearly-Hamiltonian coupled oscillations by averaging and numerical methodsMurdock
1989Lee, Sang MoonMulti-mode oscillations and invariant tori in chains of coupled Van Der Pol equationsMurdock
1989Mack, KathrynVectorization of Euler equationsLuecke
1989Park, Inja ShinBalanced covering spaces of a compact orientable 2-manifold with two boundary componentsTonda
1989Shih, Chn-LiangA comparison of error estimation for singular perturbation initial value problems with initial impulse.Murdock
1989Walczak, DanielPerformance of LU and Cholesky factorization algorithms using Level-3 BLAS on the NAAS AS/XL vector computeLuecke
1989Zafer, AgacikMultidimensional inverse Laplace transforms and their applicationsDahiya

YearNameTitleFirst Major Professor
1990Balakrishnan, SinniahMultidimensional Laplace transforms and their applicationsDahiva
1990Bina, ShawnThe Delves-Lyness equationColwell
1990Dass, RachelMinimum modulus solutions of an equationColwell
1990Flint, RobertQuaternion: their Mathematical structure and significance and their physical applicationsBergman
1990Hobart, MichaelDynamical systems and chaosSteiner
1990Kuehn, LauraTechniques for determining periodicity of alphabetic sequencesCornette
1990Lamp, RachelEuclidean domains, principal ideal domains, unique factorization domains and rings of algebraic integersHogben
1990Rogotzke, Kathy WeeTopological groupsBergman
1990Xu, ChenxiRecurrence criteria for Markov chainsAthreya
1991Athreya, SunderNumerical solution of some nonlinear boundary value problemsLevine
1991Thur, LoisGroups of symmetry in Euclidean spaceBergman
1991Waltman, RonaldA formalization of correctness for a simple programming languagePigozzi
1991Wingert, CharlotteConsequences of the axiom of infinityAbian
1992Chinhanu, CharlesExtensions of Perron’s theoremFink
1992Diesslin, BrendaInterface morphology of a binary alloy during directional solidificationGrayhack
1992Hertzel, PaulA summary of nonstandard analysisBergman
1992Hsu, Feng-LuanComputation of Puiseux expansions for algebraic curvesAlexander
1992Juhlin, DavidAn introduction to three-valued logicMaddux
1992Meng, XiongParallel cholesky factorization algorithmsLuecke
1992Ray, TimothyBounds of coefficients of Faber expansions of univalent functionsJohnston
1992Stewart, DarrianCamera space control system for a mobil robot-fork liftMiller
1992Whu, Kuo-RayDirection finding with virtual interpolated arrayColdwell
1992Wu, HaichuanThe search for Jesse James’ foldFink
1993Cook, Phyllis(Title unavailable)Smith
1993Garbe, Susan OlsonMaximal and prime ideals in rings of continuous functionsSteiner
1993Kirpes, RogerConnectedness of the attracting set for the Henon mapWilson
1993Lai, Ruey-GangIntroduction to stochastic differential equations and some numerical schemesKliemann
1993Mills, MarkThe classical numerical range and the convexity of some of its generalizationsPoon
1993Reich, PamelaVarieties of lattices of height 3Bergman
1993Su, Ba MyGeometric theory of diffractionGautesen
1994Betsinger, DouglasCalculating the Hausdorff dimension of sets using graphWilson
1994Bowers, Sara PetersA many-valued, structural, paraconsistent logicPigozzi
1994Dharwadker, AshayRepresentations of Moufang loops: some consequences of definitionSmith
1994Ou, Chung-MingShadowing theorem and structural stability of perturbed vector fields on two dimensional manifoldsMurdock
1994Roeschlaub, W. Kurt vonAutomated analysis of evolved strategies in iterated prisoner’s dilemmaAshcock
1994Rossmanith, RichardTernary commutator algevras, comtrans algebra and akivis algebrasKliemann/Pigozzi
1994Walker, DouglasOptimal control problems in continuous time gamblingWeerasinghe
1995Carberry, DanOn the location of eigenvalues of P-matricesHogben
1995DelRosario, RicardoNumerical approximation of this shell dynamicsSmith
1995Garth, DavidEnumeration of permutation polynomials of group rings over finite fieldsAshlock
1995Lee, Shu-Mee MayThe generalization and application of the box counting theoremTondra
1995Lei, WeiNumerical approximation of thick plate dynamicsSmith, R.
1995Pegors, NaomiBoundary detection in three dimensional medical imagesDavidson
1995Peters, GeorgeStiff ODE’s and the composition of the norm of the BDF residualAlexander/Hogben
1995Voutsadakis, GeorgeDeductive systems and the deductive theoremPigozzi
1995Westermeyer, ChrisRandom sequential adsorptionEvans
1996Betsinger, Nicole LangStudents’ learning of concepts in group theory: cosets, normality, and quotient groupKeller
1996Harmrin, RamaeA study of shock wave interactions motivated by shock reflectionCanic
1996Trimmer, RonaldGreedy loop transversal codesSmith, JDH
1996Turner, WilliamTime discretization of structural problemsSmith, R.
1996Wang, YouOn partially balanced incomplete block designs with small ordersSong
1997Kobidze, GregorySymmetric solvers for adsorption-dispersion problemDu, Q.
1997Kosmivke, JohnDistance separating maps on graphsAshlock
1997Krajewski, ScottMusical chairs: a bridge club design using genetic algorithmsAshlock
1997Li, YingCholesky decompositionLuecke
1997Sun, ShuxiaThe finite element method with penaltyPeterson
1997Zhang, FanApplying genetic algorithms to binary object detectionDavidson
1998Benkarouda, MaamarThe numerical solution to the Fokker-Planck equation in N-dimensions using the finite element methodMirkovic
1998Candan, TuncayNeumann eigenvalues of the LaplacianLevine
1998Chen, JianbingA discussion of some norms in a special algebraPeters
1998Mitchell, DavidNear ringsBergman
1998Rao, ManlongEnumeration of some classical geometriesSong
1998Spiker, PaulModel development and numerical approximation of acoustic power radiation from a non-uniform composite beamSmith
1999Becker, JoyCollineations of desarguesian projective plansSmith, JDH
1999Chyrsafinos, KostasLagrange multiplier technique for parabolic with inhomogeneous Dirichlet dataGunzburger
1999Gugat, BrianAn analysis of WariHentzel
1999Hamilton, BrentThe appropriate use of technologyKeller
1999Hoover, AmyAlgorithms for finding primitive roots Bergman
1999Hourani, SammyPresentation on stability of solitary waves in the symmetry, I*Peters
1999Johanson, JamesPredicted twinning rates for north American Holstein siresCornette
1999Lu, YingGlobal approximation of finite element methodPeterson
1999Peterson, ToddAnalysis of EST contigsCornette
1999Trangri, NeenaPerformance evaluation of pairwise protein alignment toolLevine

YearNameTitleFirst Major ProfessorSecond Major Professor
2000Grier, RebeccaA model for the onset of tumor angiogenesisLevine
2000Peterson, BrockModeling of constrained-layer beamsHansen
2000Stellmacher, AnnekeInternet VotingBergman
2001Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws: Incorporating multi-resolution viscosity methods into the finite element frameworkGunzburgerPeterson
2001Calhoun-Lopez, MarcusNumerical simulation of superconducting rings using a Ginzburg-Landau modelGunzburger
2001Flemisch, BerndThe Alternating Schwarz Method: Mathematical Foundation and Parallel ImplementationPigozzi
2001Rajan, DileepPigozzi
2001Wu, ShiquanAlgorithms for optimal recombination problemsWu, Z.
2002Gross, GregoryTruncated polynomials in the NTRU cryptosystemBergman
2002Hammon, KerstinSome results in the theory of dynamic storage allocation with policyWeerasinghe
2002McClure, ChrisHow Damping affects Newton’s basinsHou, S.
2002Nordstrom, SandraThe nonnegative P-O-matrix completion problem: classification of patterns for 4 by 4 matricesHogben
2002Rothbauer, StefanEnriching representable functorsBergman
2002Rubenstein, Kenneth N. Generator theory of classical Lie algebra of typeD’Alessandro
2002Volfovicz-Leon, RobertoAnalysis of a Mathematical model in forest sciencesSmith, JDH
2003Bibi, TauqirMTMM: A Matlab Toolbox for Macromolecular ModelingWu, Z.
2003Campbell Lenarz, JessieSphere packing bounds for edit metric codesAshlock
2003Leeds, DanielHansen
2003Njue, John NjeruNodel point data for inverse Sturm-Liouville problemsSethuramanSacks
2003Rajaram, RajeevMoment Method in Distributed Control TheoryHansen
2003Sargsyan, Seyran SamveliEntropy maximization problemsSmith, JDH
2003Swanstrom, RyanLinear cryptanalysis of Baby RijndaelBergman
2003Tucker, AnnaA Mathematical model for the onset of avasculaar tumor growth response to the loss of p53 functionLevineNilsen-Hamilton
2004Alm, JeremyOn sets of first-order formulas axiomatizing representable relation algebrasMaddux
2004Alturk, AhmetMatrix-valued waveletsKeinert
2004Crabtree, DavidAn Equivalence of CategoriesSmith, JDH
2004Dagli, MehmetLevi Decomposition of Lie Algebras: Algorithms for its ComputationD’AlessandroSmith, JDH
2004Drignei, Michaela ChristinaRegularization strategies for linear operator equationsSacks
2004Meng, QiangOptimal Investment Strategies with Transaction CostsWeerasinghe
2004Murray, Lori AnnDavidson
2004Oftelie, JessicaSimulation of Floral Specialization in BeesAshlock
2004Pang, XiyiNeural Networks—Noise Tolerant Information Modeling Algorithms for market Information AnalysisDavidson
2004Powers, Bradley JamesThe Effects of Tags on Non-local Adaptation AshlockMoloney
2004Ray, Douglas Wayne, Jr.A greedy algorithm enhancing cage searchAshlock
2004Rice, Theodore A.Greedy Quasigroups & Combinatorial GamesSmith, JDH
2004Shuster, Christie MarieIdentity Based Encryption Using Multiple Trust Authorities in Ad Hoc NetworksBergmanDaniels
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