The Department of Mathematics offers a B.S. degree in mathematics. This program is perfect for students planning to work in industry or are planning to continue studying mathematics at the graduate level. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of pure mathematics or the practicality of applied math, our program provides a nurturing environment where your analytical prowess can flourish. As a mathematics major, you’ll not only gain critical skills in logic and computation but also develop the resilience and creativity necessary to tackle complex challenges.

Mathematics program

Heather Bolles helps students doing group work in a calculus class.In addition to general education course requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), mathematics students have a core course requirement of 19-20 credits which include Math 1010, Math 1650, Math 1660, Math 2010 and Math 2650 as well as either Math 3170 or Math 4070. In addition, the standard mathematics major must complete either Math 2660 or 2670, as well as Math 3010 and Math 4140. One of the following sequences will round out your math degree: Math 3010/Math 4030, Math 3040/Math 3140, Math 3730/Math 4810, Math 4140/Math 4150 or Math 4350/Math 4360. Detailed information on these courses can be found in the ISU Catalog of Classes.

Mathematics major with Actuarial Science certificate

Looking to pursue a career in the financial sector? The Mathematics major with Actuarial Science certificate may be right for you. Please see the Mathematics with Actuarial Science Certificate section in the ISU Catalog for more information.

Students can also major in actuarial science through Iowa State’s Ivy College of Business.

Mathematics major with applications

This degree program is for students who want to specialize in the application of mathematics to an area of study. It is recommended for those who plan to work in industry or those who plan to continue studying their specialization area at the graduate level. Details and courses required can be found in the ISU Catalog.

instructor working with 8th grade studentsMathematics major for teacher preparation

This program is designed for preparing students for a career in secondary education. All students preparing to become teachers need to complete the core Math classes required of all Math majors, as well as specific additional courses and the requirements of the Secondary Major in Education including student teaching. Please see the Mathematics with Teacher Preparation page for more detailed information.