Applied Mathematics at Iowa State

Welcome to the Applied Mathematics Group in the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University. Our faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and students are involved in a variety of research projects, including numerical analysis and scientific computing, probability and stochastic processes, dynamical systems and control theory, mathematical physics, quantum information, and mathematical biology.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Faculty from the Department of Mathematics

Domenico D'Alessandro Professor
James Evans Professor
Scott Hansen Associate Professor
Jonas Hartwig Assistant Professor
David Herzog Assistant Professor
Leslie Hogben Professor
L. Steven Hou Professor
Fritz Keinert Associate Professor
Wolfgang Kliemann Professor
Hailiang Liu Professor
Glenn Luecke Professor
Songting Luo Assistant Professor
Ryan Martin Professor
Xuan Hien Nguyen Assistant Professor
Yiu Tung Poon Professor
Alex Roitershtein Assistant Professor
James Rossmanith Associate Professor
Paul Sacks Professor
Jonathan D. H. Smith Professor
Pablo Raúl Stinga Assistant Professor
Ananda Weerasinghe Professor
Zhijun Wu Professor
Jue Yan Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty from Other Departments

Arka Ghosh Associate Professor
Alric Rothmayer Professor
Namrata Vaswani Professor

Current Graduate Students

Jorge Chavez Salas Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Dong (Tim) Dai Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Michael Dairyko Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Brandon Groth Graduate Assistant-Research
Junzhao (Joe) Hu
Matt Jacobs Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Yi (Jacky) Jiang Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Li Lin Graduate Assistant-Research
Wumaier Maimaitiyiming Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Heather Muchowski Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Monalisa Munsi
Lindsey Peterson Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Stephanie Reinders Graduate Assistant-Research
Leoncio Rodriguez Quinones Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Minwoo Shin Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Vicente Valle-Martinez Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Jue Wang Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Waruni Wijayasinghe Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Peimeng Yin Graduate Assistant-Teaching
Sen (Neo) Zhou Graduate Assistant-Teaching

Graduate Course Offerings

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Our SIAM-ISU Student Chapter

Current SIAM-ISU Chapter Officers

Caleb Logemann

The objectives of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) are:

  • Further the application of mathematics to industry and science;
  • Promote basic research in mathematics leading to new methods and techniques useful to industry and science;
  • Provide media for the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians and other technical and scientific personnel.

The objectives of the SIAM-ISU Student Chapter are

  • Provide students with a means for professional development by its programs and its relationships with other Student Chapters and with the National Society;
  • Contribute toward the development of applied mathematics at the Iowa State University through activities in which student members and faculty may participate;
  • Serve as an interdisciplinary focal point within the University community for the interchange of information in the area of applied mathematics.

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How to Apply to the PhD or MS Programs in Applied Mathematics

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