Applied Mathematics at Iowa State

Welcome to the Applied Mathematics Group in the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University. Our faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and students are involved in a variety of research projects, including numerical analysis and scientific computing, probability and stochastic processes, dynamical systems and control theory, mathematical physics, quantum information, and mathematical biology.

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Faculty from the Department of Mathematics

Domenico D'Alessandro Professor [MATH]
Scott W. Hansen Associate Professor [MATH]
Jonas Hartwig Associate Professor [MATH]
David Herzog Associate Professor [MATH]
Leslie Hogben Associate Dean [MATH]
Joseph Iverson Assistant Professor [MATH]
Claus Kadelka Assistant Professor [MATH]
Bernard Lidický Professor [MATH]
Hailiang Liu Professor [MATH]
Songting Luo Associate Professor [MATH]
Jason McCullough Associate Professor [MATH]
Jennifer Newman Associate Professor [MATH]
Rana Parshad Associate Professor [MATH]
Yiu Tung Poon Professor [MATH]
James Rossmanith Associate Professor [MATH]
Paul Sacks Professor [MATH]
Jonathan D. H. Smith Professor [MATH]
Pablo Raúl Stinga Associate Professor [MATH]
Eric Weber Department Chair [MATH]
Zhijun Wu Professor [MATH]
Jue Yan Associate Professor [MATH]

Affiliated Faculty from Other Departments

Graduate Course Offerings

Fall 2019

  • Math 507: Applied Linear Algebra
  • Math 519: Applied Mathematics I
  • Math 554: Intro to Stochastic Processes
  • Math 557: ODEs and Dynamical Systems
  • Math 561: Numerical Analysis I
  • Math 566: Discrete Optimization
  • Math 595: Special Topics: Math Biology
  • Math 631: Harmonic Analysis
  • Math 655: Partial Differential Equations I
  • Math 667: Computational Math for PDE
  • Math 680E: Advanced Topics: Differential Equations
  • Math 680K: Advanced Topics: Probability

Spring 2020

  • Math 517: Finite Difference Methods
  • Math 520: Methods of Applied Mathematics II
  • Math 525: High Performance Computing
  • Math 562: Numerical Analysis II
  • Math 565: Continuous Optimization
  • Math 645: Advanced Stochastic Processes
  • Math 646: Math Modeling of Complex Physical Systems
  • Math 656: Partial Differential Equations II

Our SIAM-ISU Student Chapter

Current SIAM-ISU Chapter Officers

The objectives of SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) are:

  • Further the application of mathematics to industry and science;
  • Promote basic research in mathematics leading to new methods and techniques useful to industry and science;
  • Provide media for the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians and other technical and scientific personnel.

The objectives of the SIAM-ISU Student Chapter are

  • Provide students with a means for professional development by its programs and its relationships with other Student Chapters and with the National Society;
  • Contribute toward the development of applied mathematics at the Iowa State University through activities in which student members and faculty may participate;
  • Serve as an interdisciplinary focal point within the University community for the interchange of information in the area of applied mathematics.

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Information about the PhD and MS Programs in Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Mathematics.

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How to Apply to the PhD or MS Programs in Applied Mathematics

Are you interested in applying to one of our degree programs in Applied Mathematics?

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