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Ozgur Aydogmus 2013 Non-local interactions in spatial evolutionary games Wu
Man Basnet 2013 On modified-one minimization problems in compressed sensing Keinert & Vaswani
David Failing 2013 Commutative, idempotent groupoids and the constraint satisfaction problem Bergman
Yiping Hao 2013 Wu
Yuanyuan Huang 2013 Statistical summary of protein structures Wu & Jernigan
Steven Osborne 2013 Cospectral bipartite graphs for the normalized Laplacian Butler & Hogben
Maksym Pryporov 2013 Gaussian beam methods for the Schrodinger equation with periodic potentials and strictly hyperbolic systems Liu
Youngsoo Seol 2013 Random walks in a sparse random environment Roitershtein
Chunquan Tang 2013 Mixed boundary value problems for quasilinear elliptic equations Lieberman
Geoff Timms 2013 Haemers’ minimum rank Hogben
Chi-Jen Wang 2013 Analysis of discrete reaction-diffusioin equationis for autocatalysis and continuum diffusion equations for transport Evans
Jing Wang 2013 Modeling of the interplay between single-file diffusion and conversion reaction in mesoporous systems Evans
Hui Yu 2013 On entropy satisfying and maximum-principle-satisfying high-order methods for Fokker-Planck equations Liu
Al-Sa’Di, Sa’ud 2012 Sampling and interpolation in Hilbert spaces of entire functions Weber & Peters
Bickner, Devin 2012 On normal networks Willson
Hwang, Sukjung 2012 Holder regularity of solutions of generalized p-Laplacian type parabolic equations Lieberman
Khemphet, Anchalee 2012 The Jacobson radical of semicrossed products of the disk algebra Peters
Kramer, Dominic 2012 Basis Identification through Convex Optimization Weber
Lastrina, Michelle 2012 List-coloring and sum-list-coloring problems on graphs Axenovich
Li, Zhen 2012 Stochastic homogenization of elliptic equation and optimal control Hou
McKay, Tracy 2012 The edit distance function for graphs: an exploration of the case of forbiddeninduced K_{2,t} and other questions Martin
Olmez, Oktay 2011 On highly regular digraphs Song
Ozer, A. Ozkan 2012 Exact boundary controllability and feedback stabilization for a multi-layer Rao-Nakra beam Hansen
Park, Jun Koo 2012 On coarse-grained normal mode analysis and refined Gaussian network model for protein structure fluctuations Wu, Z
Peters, Travis 2012 Positive semidefinite maximum nullity and zero forcing number Hogben
Rastegar, Reza 2012 Topics in self-interacting random walks Roitershtein & Ghosh
Smith, Jason 2012 Induced saturation number Martin
Stines, Elijah 2012 Abelian qo-groups and atomic pseudo-valuation domains Smith, JDH
Vidden, Chad 2012 The direct discontinuous Galerkin Method with symmetric structure for diffusion problems. Yan
Ylvisaker, Andrew 2012 A formalization of logic in diagonal-free cylindric algebras Maddux
Choi, Jihyeok 2011 Problems in graph theory and probabiliy Axenovich & Sethuraman
Hong, Jyy-I 2011 Coalescence in Bellman-Harris and Multi-type branching processes Athreya
Liu, Sijia 2011 Novel data clustering methods and applications Matzavinos
Row, Darren Daniel 2011 Zero forcing number: Results for computation and comparison with other graph parameters Hogben
Stanton, Brendon Michael 2011 On Vertex Identifying Codes for Infinite Lattices Martin
Cheng, Yi-Lin 2010 On Hopf algebras of dimension 4p Ng
Hilgemann, Michael 2010 On finite-dimensional Hopf algebras and their classifications Ng
Howk, Cory Lee 2010 A mathematical amodel for IL6-induced differentiation of neural progenitor cells on a micropatterned polymer substrate Levine/Smiley
Kleiman, Elizabeth 2010 High performance computing techniques for attacking reduced version of AES using XL and XSL methods Bergman/Fernandez-Baca
Kontogiannis, Dimitrios 2010 Homogenization problems in random media Sethuraman/ Lieberman
Manske, Jacob 2010 Coloring and extremal problems in combinatorics Axenovich
Miranda-Mendoza, Fernando 2010 An option-theoretic valuation model for residential mortgages with stochastic conditions and discount factors Hou
Seo, Yeon-Jung 2010 Mathematical Analysis of Multiple Target Salex Levine/Nilsen-Hamilton
Sit, Atilla 2010 Solving distance geometry problems for protein structure determination Wu, Z
Wells, Andrew 2010 Moufang Loops arising from Zorn Vector Matrix Algebras Smith, JDH
Zhou, Wen 2010 Mathematical modeling of MHC Class II immune response in tissues Su/Sacks
Allen, Aaron 2009 Stability results for damped multilayer composite beams and plates Hansen
Alturk, Ahmet 2009 Boundary functions for wavelets and their properties Keinert
Guo. Xiaofang 2009 Generic two-phase coexistence in quadratic contact process Evans
Kurth, Chris Allen 2009 Modular Forms and modular symbols for noncongruence groups Long
Ming, Ju 2009   Hou
Pryporova, Olga 2009 Types of convergences of matrices Hogben
Ahmed, Haseena 2008 High-resolution alternating evolution schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws and Hamilton-Jacobi equations Liu
Bhattacharyya, Gargi 2008 Terwilliger algebras of wreath products of association schemes Song
Dagli, Mehmet 2008 Lie algebra decompositions with applications to quantum dynamics D’Alessandro/ Smith
Drignei, Mihaela-Cristina 2008 Inverse Sturm-Kiouville Problems using Multiple Spectra Sacks
Halverson, Matthew 2008 Asymptotic behavior of the solutions to a family of PDE’s arising from the chemotaxis equations of Keller and Segal Levine/Johnston
Lee, Jangwoon (Leo) 2008 Analysis and finite element approximations of stochastic optimal control problems constrained by stochastic elliptic partial differential equations. Hou
Mikkelson, Rana 2008 Minimum rank of graphs that allow loops Hogben
Shin, Jaemin 2008 Inverse scattering problems for first-order systems Sacks
Wang, Zhongming (Eric) 2008 Development of level set methods for computing semi-classical limit in Schrodinger equations with various potentials Liu
Xie, Xiaoliang 2008 Large time-stepping methods for higher order time-dependent evolution equations Liu
Xu, Ying 2008 Modeling and direct numerical simulation of particle-laden turbulent flows Luecke/Subramaniam
Chung, Key One 2007 Weak homomorphisms of coalgebras Smith, JDH
Fiedler, James 2007 Greco-Latin Squares as Bijections Smith, JDH
Meng, Qiang 2007 Topics in Pricing American-type Contracts Weerasinghe
Rice, Theodore 2007 Greedy Quasigroups and Greedy Algebras with Applications to Combinatorial Games Smith, JDH
Vedell, Peter Thomas 2007 Boundary value approaches to molecular dynamics simulation Wu, Z.
Alm, Jeremy 2006 Weak representation theory in the calculus of relations Maddux
Chepkwony, Isaac 2006 Analysis and control theory of some cochlear models Hansen
Gunaratne, Ajith 2006 A penalty function method for constrained molecular dynamics Wu, Z.
Meyer, Kristen Ann 2006 A new message authentication code based on the non-associativity of quasigroups Bergman
Schonfeld, Justin 2006 A modular data analysis pipeline for the discovery of novel RNA motifs Ashlock/Voytas
Wu, Di 2006 Distance-based protein structure modeling Wu, Z./Jernigan
Aydinyan, Ruben 2005 Loop transversal codes over finite rings Smith, JDH
Campbell, Jessie 2005 Enumeration and symmetry of edit spaces Ashlock
Cui, Feng 2005 Distance-based NMR structure determination and refinement Wu, Z./Jernigan
Kim, Eun-Youn 2005 Analysis of Game Playing Agents with Fingerprints Ashlock
Kim, Joohyung 2005 Classification of small class association schemes coming from certain combinatorial objects Song/Long
Maxwell, Mandi 2005 Almost perfect nonlinear functions and related combinatorial structures Song/Bergman
Rajaram, Rajeev 2005 Exact boundary controllability results for sandwich beam systems Hansen
Wangsness, Amy 2005 The matrix completion problem regarding various classes of PO,1-matrices Hogben
Babyonyshev, Sergei 2004 Metatheories of Deductive Systems Pigozzi/Bergman
Bhatt, Gyan Shyam 2004 Nonseparable multivariate wavelets Keinert
Kivunge, Benard Muthiani 2004 Sedenion Extension Loops and Frames of Hypercomplex 2n-ons Smith, JHD
Mutungi, Patrick Mugo 2004 Simple Ternary Complex Grassmann Algebras Smith, JHD
Yang, Sung-Dae 2004 Shooting Methods for Numerical Solutions of Control Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDE’s Hou
Calhoun-Lopez, Marcus 2003 Numerical solutions of hyperbolic conservation laws: incorporating multi-resolution viscosity methods into finite element framework Gunzburger
Candan, Tuncay 2003 Oscillatory Behavior of Higher Order Functional Differential Equations with Distributed Deviating Arguments Dahiya
Kwon, Hee-Dae 2003 Analysis and Approximation of Terminal-State Tracking Optimal Control Problems and Controllability Problems Constrained by Linear and Nonlinear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations Hou/Gunzburger
Malonza, David 2003 Normal Forms for Couples Takens-Bogdanov Systems Murdock
Zerr, Ryan 2003 Partial dynamical systems and AF C*-algebras Peters
Becker, Joy 2002 Computational complexity of digraph decomposition and the congruence extension property of algebras Bergman
Choi, Ji Young 2002 Multi-restricted numbers and powers of permutation representations Smith, JDH
Chrysafinos, Konstantinos 2002 Analysis and finite element approximation of parabolic saddle point problems and applications to control Gunzburger
Ju, Lili 2002 Probabilistic and parallel algorithms for centroidal Voroni tessalations with application to meshless computing and analysis on surfaces Gunzburger
Zhu, Wenxiang 2002 Modelling, analysis, numerical approximations of the forced Fisher’s equation and related control problems Gunzburger/Hou