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Congratulations to recipients of Faculty Professional Development Assignments

Three members of the faculty received Faculty Professional Development Assignments for next year.

Jennifer Newman will pursue her interest in forensic steganalysis. She will spend part of the Fall semester visiting Carnegie-Mellon University where she will work with Steve Feinberg and William Eddy. Feinberg, Eddy, and Newman are all members of the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensics Evidence (CSAFE) research institute, a NIST-sponsored group based in Ames.

Yiu Tung Poon will spend the entire academic year visiting the University of Guelph and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In Guelph, he will work with Bei Zeng on the numerical range of operators, and with David Kribs, and Rajesh Pereira on quantum error-correcting codes. In Hong Kong he will collaborate with Nung-Sing Sze and Chi-Kwong Li on quantum computation.

James Rossmanith will spend the 2017-18 academic year at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island working with Chi-Wang Shu on research to develop high-order finite element methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations.