Math department awards spring 2018

Posed photo with awards
Kris Lee with the recipients of the Fred Wright Mathematics Endowed Scholarship (from left) Misa Hamanaka, Harry Crane, Victoriia Kriuchkovskaia, Brantley Vose. Not pictured: Samson Baker and Bailey Wilson.

Students and faculty were recognized in an awards ceremony on April 28, 2018. The awards presentation was followed by a reception where Justin Peters was honored upon his retirement for his significant contributions to the math department.

Undergraduate Student Awards

Not pictured:
Chiekh Diallo, winner of the Herta & H.T. David Scholarship
Gavin Nop, winner of the Gertrude Herr Adamson Award
Jonathan Thielen, winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Edward Allen Award in the Mathematical Disciplines

Graduate Student Awards

Not pictured:
Kacy Messerschmidt, winner of the Aggie Ho Research Award

Faculty Awards

Not pictured:
Kris Lee, received the University Award for Early Achievement in Teaching
Leslie Hogben, received the University Margaret Ellen White Graduate Faculty Award
Steve Butler, awarded the Barbara J. Janson Professorship in Mathematics
Leslie Hogben, reappointed as Dio Lewis Holl Professor

Tagatha Basak, associate professor
Bernard Lidický, associate professor
Songting Luo, associate professor
Xuan Heim Nguyen, associate professor
Michael Young, associate professor
Kris Lee, senior lecturer
Elijah Stines, senior lecturer

James Wilson, associate professor (December 2017)
Justin Peters, professor (May 2018)