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A Logical Legacy

Scott Hanna (’77 metallurgy) had a trio of eclectic interests. Exotic curries, vinyl records and, mostly, math. Through a generous, seven-figure planned gift, his love of mathematics lives on.

Conquering Invasive Species with Mathematics

BY ANGIE HAGERTY Mathematics is about solving complex problems and finding answers. Rana Parshad, assistant professor of mathematics, is harnessing the power of mathematics to solve the complex problem of invasive species and halt the damage that these unwanted invaders inflict on ecosystems. “Once an invasive species spreads, establishes and flourishes within local populations, it … Continue reading Conquering Invasive Species with Mathematics

Coordinated Calculus Inspires Change

BY ANGIE HAGERTY Large lecture math courses are being taught with an improved format to foster student success Positive student feedback and satisfaction with coordinated calculus—a fresh and innovative approach to teaching undergraduate calculus—has sparked the mathematics department to expand its lineup of coordinated course offerings. Revamped and redesigned with student success in mind, the … Continue reading Coordinated Calculus Inspires Change

Solve This

Thanks to Elgin Johnston for creating these delights: Problem 1 Maria recently attended a going a way party for a friend. When asked the next day how many people were at the party she said that she did not remember. However, she did remember that she was in charge of cutting the rectangular cake. She … Continue reading Solve This