Math Matters: Problem of the week – Problem 4 solution

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Test your mathematical skills with the Problems of the Week from the Spring 2018 issue of Math Matters magazine!

We solved Problems 1-3.
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You’ve been working on Problem 4.

Problem 4. In trapezoid PQRS, PQ and SR are perpendicular to PS, PQ < RS and PQ + RS = QR. Given that PS = 20, find the value of PQ * RS.

Check your solution to Problem 4.

Was Problem 4 a chore or a bore? Our final challenge is Problem 5!

Problem 5. An ellipse in the plane has foci at (20; 19) and (55; 59) and is tangent to the y-axis. What is the length of the major axis of the ellipse?

Check back the first Monday of November for the answer to Problem 5!