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Putnam Mathematics Exam Results

In December 2021, 15 ISU students took the William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Exam, the premier collegiate mathematics competition in North America.  The exam consists of 12 problems (10 points each) completed over two 3-hour sessions.  In most years the median score is less than one full correct problem.  This year almost 3000 students competed from 427 participating institutions.


The top ISU scorer for 2021 was Andrew Osborne (senior, math) who scored 24 (rank: 265/2,975).  Also notable were Henry Klatt (senior, math), Henry Simmons (senior, math), and Slater Williams (senior, math) each scoring 10 points (rank: 829/2,975).  The ISU team (comprised of the top 3 scorers) placed 64th.  Congratulations to all who participated.