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Faculty Excellence Recognized with University, College Awards

Five faculty members were recognized for excellence in research, teaching, and service by University and LAS College awards.

Dr. Shira Zerbib receives ISU Award for Early Achievement in Research

Dr. Shira Zerbib is cited for substantial mathematical contributions since joining the Department of Mathematics at ISU in 2019. Her research—which combines elements of combinatorics and geometry—has lead her to solve several long-standing open problems as well as opened up new directions of inquiry. Her work has received significant external funding support from the NSF. With over twenty publications, many jointly written with leaders in the field, over fifty presentations at top conferences and universities, and two summer schools at elite institutions, Dr. Zerbib possesses an international reputation as an up-and-coming leader in her field.

Brenda Diesslin, Shelby Schmidt, and Sylvia Wineland receive LAS Team Award for Impact on Student Success

Professors Diesslin, Schmidt, and Wineland are cited for their dedication to student success. The three educators comprise the Mathematics for Elementary Education Team in the Mathematics Department. They are responsible for the design and teaching of a sequence of two courses (Math 195 and Math 196) that are required for all K-8 teacher candidates in the state of Iowa. The team works to build student confidence in mathematics, decreasing anxiety about the topic. Their approach sets the stage for students to problem-solve and build a deep understanding of the content they will later be teaching.

Dr. Eli Stines receives LAS Institutional Service Award

Dr. Eli Stines is cited for distinguishing himself as a dedicated leader in the operations of the Mathematics Department, the Liberal Arts and Sciences College, and Iowa State University. Dr. Stines is noted for handling the complex teaching operations of a department that has teaching personnel numbering over 120 and serves over 14,000 students every year. Additionally, Dr. Stines enhances the success of students through exemplary work in designing services for student assistance such as the Cyclone Jumpstart program, the Military-Affiliated Student Center, and departmental help spaces for multiple courses in several venues. Dr. Stines is known for being both eager and expedient in implementing solutions to difficulties in a student-centric manner.