Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics

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Bernard Lidický
(515) 294-8136

Jason McCullough
(515) 294-8150


The Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University offers a Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics. This is a one year program.

The Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Mathematics is a program that offers students who have received a Bachelor’s degrees one year of training and preparation for entering a PhD program in Mathematics. The main goal of the program is to prepare students to be successful in graduate studies in mathematics and to experience graduate school. The program provides a path to study in both pure and applied mathematics. The program provides a means for those trained in pure mathematics to transition to applied mathematics, in addition to strengthening the background for those continuing in either specialty

In this program students will take four graduate courses, serve as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses, get ample mentoring from the department’s faculty and graduate students, attend conferences, and receive professional development to aid in applying to graduate programs (or jobs, if appropriate).

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The program was started by Michael Young and Bernard Lidický in 2018.

2022-2023 Class

Pictured from left to right: Ryan Tucker, Josiah Aakre, Johnathan Engle, Blake Bates

2021-2022 Class

Pictured from left to right: Kristina Moen, Reeve Johnson, Dajuan Kinney, and Anayse Miller

2020-2021 Class

Abigail Burnett, Kendall Bowens, Clare Jenkins, Christopher Lefrak

2019-2020 Class

Pictured from left to right: Sophia Wiedmann, Tiana Burke, Jill Vesta, Clara Buck, Marielle Gardner,  Jonathan Tostado-Marquez, Colin Giles, and Stephanie Allen

Supported by State University – John Deere annual allocation – Math Bridges

2018-2019 Class

Pictured from left to right: Jose Lopez, Charlotte Orr, Alejandra Marcelino, Makayla Cowles, Angel Ramos, and Kevin Liu