Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (CEUME) is to see that all students taking undergraduate mathematics courses at Iowa State University have a rewarding and meaningful experience. The CEUME seeks to accomplish this in a number of ways, including:
      • Studying trends in past performances of students in our Mathematics courses
      • Working with a new Mathematics placement instrument
      • Providing opportunities for faculty and graduate students to expore issues related to teaching
      • Maintaining communications with departments that teach courses with a Mathematics prerequisite
The CEUME also coordinates outreach activities to Iowa High Schools, Community Colleges, and four year Colleges. These activities include:
      • Hosting a High School Mathematics Competition
      • Sponsoring a Mathematics Circle for Junior High School and Senior High School students
      • Sponsoring a Teachers’ Mathematics Circle for Middle School Mathematics teachers
      • Working on articulations and transition issues with Iowa Community Colleges
      • Working with Iowa High Schools to help incoming students be well prepared for college level Mathematics

The Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (CUEME) is involved in many projects to support faculty and students both in and out of the classroom. The CUEME houses a large repository of materials and information about mathematics teaching, and is staffed by education professionals ready to work with mathematics faculty and assistants.

Some of the CUEME’s many activities include:

  • A long term longitudinal study to analyze years of student data to assess the effectiveness of our courses and to learn what factors in student background and in the classroom experience correlate with student success
  • A small working group to develop questions that will facilitate classroom discussion among calculus students
  • A weekly seminar on teaching for graduate assistants
  • An undergraduate problems solving group that meets weekly
  • Nationally and internationally recognized mathematics education researchers who speak on college teaching
  • A Math Circle for high school students interested in problem solving
  • Weekly meetings for Calculus I instructors

Elgin Johnston
Director of the CEUME
Heather Bolles
CEUME Assistant Director

Mailing Address
408 Carver Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011