Supporting instructors in teaching of undergraduate mathematics

CEUME seeks to stimulate discussion and reflection of teaching practices to engage all students, promote students’ metacognition, and develop equitable formative and summative assessments of students and instruction.

To accomplish the mission, CEUME will

  • conduct seminars targeting the teaching and learning mathematics
  • share tools designed to engage all students
  • discuss assessment tools and techniques, and
  • train individuals for K-12 outreach opportunities in mathematics.


  • HeatherWebsite3

    Heather Bolles, Director

    Teaching Professor

    Experience working with and advising preservice and inservice K-12 teachers of mathematics, developing and teaching calculus using Team-Based Learning, and serving as the Department’s calculus coordinator.

  • SteveWebsite

    Steve Butler, Advisor

    Morrill Professor

    An award-winning teacher, including the 2015 MAA Iowa Section Award for Distinguished Teaching, a Morrill Professor, and current holder of the Barbara J Janson Professor of Mathematics. Extensive experience in large lecture courses as well as coordination of large courses.

  • XHNguyenWebsite

    Xuan Hien Nguyen, Advisor

    Associate Professor

    Experience with organizing outreach programs and writing hands-on activities for K-12 students.

  • HadawayWebsite

    Kimberly Hadaway, Advisor

    Graduate Student

    Experience leading recitation sections, lectures, and tutoring individuals and small groups. Completed multiple Methods of Teaching Mathematics courses and constructed an interactive summer course in pattern recognition and formalizing mathematical ideas. Currently serving as a representative on the Math Department’s Graduate Student Organization.



Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

CELT has resources to assist with preparing to teach, to support student-centered learning, to promote the evaluation of student performance, and to facilitate the documenting of your teaching.


Suggested books and articles

  • The MAA Instructional Practices Guide highlights teaching practices to engage students and facilitate student success in mathematics courses.
  • The article, Never Say Anything a Kid Can Say, while targeting teachers of middle school mathematics students, contains helpful reminders of big and small moves we can make as instructors to promote student engagement. The article highlights the question, “Who’s doing the thinking and the learning in the classroom?”
  • The book Teach Students How to Learn (available online through the ISU Parks Library) by Saundra Yancy McGuire discusses how to encourage student metacognition and improved study skills.

Interested in participating?

Please reach out if you have questions or would like additional information.

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