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Advanced Degree Graduates

Author: Lona

###Summer 2015
Jeremy Bohrer, M.S., Mathematics, Preservation of the Sudoku Property in Matrices Under Conjugation by Permutations
Christopher Cox, M.S., Applied Mathematics, Ordered and partially ordered variants of Ramsey’s theorem
Jeremy Lenz, M.S.M., School Mathematics, Investigating Shapes and Trigonometric Properties in Spherical Geometry
An Le Phan, M.S.M., School Mathematics, Origami and Mathematics
Brian Lois, Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Correctness results for on-line robust principal components analysis
Michael Munywoki, M.S., Mathematics, The upper triangular algebra loop of degree 4
Jolie Roat, Ph.D., Mathematics, On 8p-dimensional Hopf algebras with the Chevalley property
Aaron Rodriguez, M.S., Applied Mathematics, Estimating the number of covering relations in a formal concept lattice

###Fall 2015
Nicole Kingsley, Ph.D., Mathematics, Skew propogation time
Jose de Jesus Martinez, Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, Modeling and controllability of a heat equation with a point mass
April McDermott, M.S.M, School Mathematics, Volume of a Sphere: Four-Dimensions and Beyond!
Diane Nead, M.S.M, School Mathematics, An Examination of Chaos Theory, the Logistic Equation and the Lorenz Attractor
Kevin Palmowski, Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, A fractional approach to minimum rank and zero forcing
Ke Ren, M.S., Mathematics, Frog Models

###Spring 2016
John Herr, Ph.D., Mathematics, Fourier series for singular measures and the Kaczmarz algorithms
Kirsten Hogenson, Ph.D., Mathematics, Random and deterministic versions of extremal poset problems
Junzhao Hu, M.S., Applied Mathematics, Analysis of a second order discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for the Allen-Cahn equation
Milo Taylor, M.S., Applied Mathematics, An implementation of the relativistic hydrodynamic equations in conservative form using Dogpack
Garrett Yord, M.S., Information Assurance, On quantum computation capabilities in an information assurance context
Zachary Voller, Ph.D., Mathematics, Limit theorems for persistent random walks in cookie environments