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2019 Edition of Math Matters is Live!

Author: Lona

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In this edition of Math Matters, the Department of Mathematics’ magazine for alumni and friends, we are excited to share stories of impact. Please enjoy reading about the incredible progress and impact the department has made in student success, outreach, research, teaching and support:

Letter from the Chair

Hal Schenck reflects on a year’s worth of ambitious goals, new programs and exciting accomplishments in the Department of Mathematics.

News roundup

From events that spark an early interest in math, to grants from the National Science Foundation, read about interesting news from inside the department.

Student veterans get back into mathematical shape with boot camp

Iowa State’s math department joins forces with the ISU Veterans Center to help student veterans brush up on their math skills and flourish in college-level math courses.

Coordinated calculus inspires change

Positive student feedback from coordinated calculus has inspired the department to “coordinate” additional undergraduate math classes. It’s all about student success!

A career takes flight in a new direction

Alumnus Scott Kongable reveals the transitions, experiences and unexpected detours which shaped his successful career path.

Post-baccalaureate program provides bridge to success for many students

One year in the department’s postbac certificate program has enriched and transformed the lives and careers of many students who only wanted a chance to prove themselves.

Conquering invasive species with Mathematics

Faculty member Rana Parshad will use mathematical modeling to help a USDA scientist battle two formidable opponents: The Western corn rootworm and the European corn borer.

Solve this!

Are you up for a mathematical challenge?  We’ve got some problems for you!

A logical legacy

Scott Hanna’s legacy and passion for mathematics lives on through his generous and impactful gift to Iowa State’s Department of Mathematics.