Degree Programs

Kristopher Lee
Director of Undergraduate Studies

In the 21st century economy, students in mathematics may be studying cryptography and coding theory, cellular automata for modeling in the life sciences, graphs and networks with applications to computing, or the mathematics of finance, to name only a few of the possible applications. In traditional areas such as teaching, there is projected to be a great demand for secondary teachers of Mathematics in the United States over the next decade.

Iowa State University offers a variety of pathways to an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Read about the options in the catalog here.

Here is a brief summary of each pathway:

Mathematics Major

The traditional degree program offers training suitable for students planning to work in industry or to continue their studies in graduate school.

Mathematics Major with Applications

This degree option is designed for students who want to specialize in the application of mathematics to an area of study. It is recommended for those who plan to work in industry or those who plan to continue studying their specialization area at the graduate level.

Mathematics Major for Teacher Preparation

This degree will prepare you for teaching mathematics at the middle and high school level. The Mathematics Department and the Curriculum & Instruction Department share responsibility for this program.

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Mathematics Major with Actuarial Science Certificate

This degree program is designed for students pursuing a career as an actuary or in the financial sector. In addition to the mathematics major, upon completion of the program students will also receive the Actuarial Science Certificate.

Minor in Mathematics

The department offers a minor in mathematics. The requirements can be found here in the catalog.